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Different Printing Methods for Customising TShirts and Hoodies

Customising t shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts with your own design makes it necessary to find the right service for doing it. However, before you start looking for a service to design and print your t-shirts, you need to have an idea about the different printing methods used for different purposes. Here is a brief overview of these methods.

Screen printing – Best for commercial use

What is it? The method involves the printing of the designs on the fabric with plasticol inks and sealing these with the heat tunnel curing. Single screens are used to print single colours on the fabric.

When to use it? If you need more than hundred t-shirts with simple designs that have a low colour count, this is the right printing option for you. It is unsuitable for full colour designs and low volume order.

How much does it cost? The preparation of screens for this printing method involves high costs. However, if the volume of your order is high, the cost of screen printing becomes quite low.

Direct to garment printing – Good for any purpose

What is it? The t-shirts are loaded onto a plate and printed with textile inks. An inkjet printer is used for this printing. Designing t-shirts this way is quick, consistent and inexpensive with this method.

When to use it? You may opt for this printing method if your order is of low or medium volume. If you require complex designs printed on full colour fabrics, this is the right method for you.

How much does it cost? The direct to garment transfer is quite inexpensive if the t-shirts colour is white. The cost may be a little more for dark coloured t-shirts as a white under base needs to be prepared before printing.  

Transfer printing – Colourful and cheap

What is it? This process involves the use of a laser printer to create the design and a heat press to fix it on the fabric. The technique is similar to the one used to affix designs with a heated iron.

When to use it? If you require printing a small volume of hoodies or t-shirts on a limited budget, this is the right option to choose. It is suitable for printing simple rectangular designs.

How much does it cost? The transfer printing technique is one of the cheapest ways to customise your t-shirts. However, the quality of the t shirts may not be of very high standards.

Vinyl transfers – Durable work wear

What is it? Designing personalised hoodies and t-shirts to serve as uniforms is possible with this method. A digitally-operated cutter is used to cut the design from the sheet of vinyl. This vinyl, separated from the back layer, is applied to the fabric with a heat press.

When to use it? It is a good choice if you need work wear with simple designs in one or two colours. However, this will be inappropriate if you need complex, full colour designs on your t-shirts.

How much does it cost? The cost of using vinyl transfers is a little high as this creates the most durable designs on the fabric. However, the quality and durability is sure to outweigh the costs of using this method.

Author Bio

Alias Hamilton works in a t-shirt customisation business in Ireland. He provides tips and suggestions for choosing the right method to print hoodies and t-shirts. If you are looking for more details regarding the way screen printers work, he recommends you visit http://www.tshirtcompany.ie/.


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