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Different purses divided by materials

  • By Jimmy H Greenberg
  • Published 11/15/2010
  • Article Writing

A fashionable accessory should be available in different types and styles. Only with such a feature people will buy them because they can find what they like from the great varieties of them. There are different types of purses in the market. They are made for both men and women. The following types are the most common in the market if divided by the materials of them.Leather PursesLeather is a finest material for manufacturing purses as it is durable. The one made from leather always looks elegant and graceful. Men love leather purses very much. Leather is also various from different types. There are Alligator, Antique Leather, Glazed Leather, Goatskin, Naplak Leather, Split Stamped and Croc Leather etc. These are great materials for making fashionable items such as handbags, shoes and so on. Such a small bag made from leather is always the most expensive in the market. However, people still like them most because of their outstanding features.Cloth Purses

This is a kind which can be

made by people themselves once they want to recycle some clothes or dresses. It saves them money and helps to protect the environment. The one made from cloth is always cheaper than any other types. However, some of them may be expensive because of the handwork. The patterns and colors of this type of purse are more wonderful. We can always see some funny and lovely patterns in it. And it is much lighter for people to carry.Silk PursesThis is another luxurious and expensive type. As we know, silks are not cheap. It is a great material for making clothes. It always requires people to have special care for them. Yet it is magnificent and outstanding.Canvas PurseA purse made from canvas is less common when comparing with those mentioned above. It is another durable material for people to use. Sometimes it’s hard for people to recognize this material as it looks like cloth.

Different people prefer different materials. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. They make the designs more creative. The market is also more competitive because of these materials.


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