Different Techniques for Reading People

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Relationships 
Published on 03-13-2009

Single? Looking to find that special someone? Well if so you may like to learn the technique of reading people. Reading an individual is not as difficult as you may think if you pay attention to all the small details. There are many different things to look for when trying to read a person. Whether it is the individual’s make up or their body language, you have many things to keep your eye out for.

For starters people are built in four different layers and as you peel off each you’ll discover more about them. First is their personality when they are not comfortable. Here they will look for just about anything to talk about that is meaningless and will keep them from letting you truly know whom they are. This is common when we meet a stranger. When we are in the company of those we are comfortable with, more is often exposed as one’s defenses are let down. Here we may find ourselves opening up about things that are on a bit more of a personal level, such as life at home.

Next is the layer that we only show to those we hold an intimate relationship with, such as a spouse or lover. These can be past event, secrets or even personal information. This layer generally takes some time to form, but will eventually. The last layer is the layer that we share with only ourselves and nobody else. This is where we keep our secrets and thoughts we would never dare share with anyone else. These are thoughts that we are not even comfortable letting spin through out own head.

When learning to read someone you’ll want to be objective and patient. Give the person a chance to really be learned by you. Not everyone is good at making a first impression and factors such as nerves or habitat can cause people to act different. Always be open-minded.

Another way to read an individual is to observe their body language. Body language can tell a lot about a person. But be careful of assumptions. Just because a person is putting out a certain sign, it may not always mean what you perceive. For instance, if a person stands with their arms folded, they may seem to be stating that they are angry or not wanting to be bothered. Just be careful they just didn’t catch a chill.

The eyes can tell a lot about a person as well. When one stares at somebody for a long period of time it may be read as if they are seeking control of the conversation. But if a person keeps eye contact with out using a continuous stare, it can show a trustworthy trait. There are different types of smiles as well.

If a smile is void of the crinkles in the eyes, it can be considered false. Always look for a relaxed face behind the smile.

All in all the signs can be there as to what an individual may be feeling if you observe their body language. Just be careful not to read too much into a person’s body language, you may end up missing out on some terrific people in life.


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