Different Terrier Breeds

There are a whole lot of different breeds of terriers. The terrier dogs originate mostly from Great-Britain.

Most of the breeds are named after their places of origin: the Lakeland terrier, the Airedale terrier, the Border terrier, the Sealyham terrier, the West Highland white terrier, the Cairn terrier, the Staffordshire terrier, the Norfolk & Norwich terrier, the Manchester terrier, the Yorkshire terrier, the Welsh terrier, the Irish Glen terrier, the Sky terrier, the Boston terrier, the Tibetan terrier and the Black Russian terrier.

Some other breeds are the Fox terrier, the Kerry Blue terrier or the Dandie Dilmond terrier.

Some characteristics of a few breeds are the following:

Norfolk terrier: this breed descends from a family of little black or red terriers in Norwich in the ninth century. They crossed some races and came up with this variety, which is more or like the same as the Norwich terrier. They are little dogs who generally have good health, are fit and agile, courageous and friendly.

Staffordshire terrier: has its roots in England, but has moved over to the USA. The English Staffordshire Bullterrier was bred in the region of Stafford and is a crossover of bulldog and terrier. In the USA the breeders developed some qualities of the dog and this way, they developed a new race. This American nephew is a happy dog with a lot of self-confidence. They are very loyal to their masters and behave well with children. He is also a fine watch dog.

Scottish terrier: a calm, honest and careful dog. They adapt well to their own people, but always remain somewhat independent. They like to dig holes and don’t bark too often. When the children of the house respect the dog, they can live together in harmony.

Jack Russell terrier: a very spontaneous dog and lively. They like adventures and enjoy play-time. They are alert and look out for what’s happening. They can remain by themselves, although they do like company and they are good with children.

Cairn terrier: and intelligent and extravert dog breed. Just like other terriers, they can be independent but enjoy the company of people. Sometimes they will get into a fight with other dogs.

West Highland White terrier: despite of their small size, these dogs don’t allow themselves to be intimidated. They trust in their own ability, have courage and persistence. Westies will bark when they sense danger.

Yorkshire terrier: the smallest of the lot, these little dogs were bred to chase rats. They are lively and active, but can behave like a prima donna. They can adopt to children if these are old enough to treat the dog like it should, and not as their toy.

Boston terrier: this little fellow is very loyal to its owner, but can also show independence. They are alert and watch out for you. They only bark when it is necessary, which is good. They get along with children and also respond friendly towards strangers.


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