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Different Types Of Air Cooled Condensers

  • By Rendeq Rendeq
  • Published 04/11/2012
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Air cooled condensers are available in different forms and varieties. They are utilized in little units like house refrigerators, deep freezers, drinking water coolers, window air-conditioners, split air-conditioners, tiny packaged air-conditioners and more. Mostly air cooled condenser is employed in vegetation wherever the cooling load is minute and the some amount of the refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle is little. Air cooled condenser is commonly known as coil condenser as it is normally made from copper or aluminum coil.

You will notice that air cooled condenser tends to engage a reasonably more considerable place than water cooled condensers. There are two types of air cooled condensers namely purely natural convection and compelled convection. In case of purely natural convection type the air flows above the condenser in purely natural a way relying on the temperature of the condenser coil. At the same time in forced air type there is a fan which is operated by a motor that blows air over the condenser coil.

There are water cooled condensers mainly utilized in vegetation in which cooling loads are excessively substantial and a big amount of refrigerant flows through the condenser. There are many advantages of air cooled condenser like they can dispose of make up water offer and no blow down disposal concerns and h2o vapor plumes. There are minimal chances of water air pollution standards. With very low maintenance cost these condensers prove to be cost effective measures. They do not require other cooling towers since they are capable of handling higher temperatures.

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