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Different Types Of Bicycle Trips

In United States, bicycle tours also known as bike trips, bike packing or bike travels have become very popular and its popularity is increasing continuously. There are many peoples who want to participate in these kinds of trips according to their custom needs and requirements. For this, there are various bike clubs available which use to plan and organize bike events so that interested participants could participate and enjoy it. There are different kinds of bicycle tours which are below mentioned:

Self Supported Tour: In this type of bike tour, you have to travel alone without a guide and carry all the tools, clothes or gears that are required to survive for days, weeks or months on end. This is one of the most popular bicycle tours and many people are usually familiar with this kind of tour. It’s also referred to as “fully loaded bicycle touring” or “traditional bicycle touring”.

Expedition Touring: This tour is considered as sub-sect of self supported touring but the main difference is that expedition tours consist of a trip by bike in which one travels through remote areas, developing nations or places outside of traditional bicycle touring roads and routes.

Ultra Life Bicycle Touring: Ultra life bicycle touring is a means of bike travel in which measures are taken to reduce the weight of food, clothing and other equipments to increase the speed and overall distance covered.

Mixed Terrain Touring: this kind of tour can be applied any of the above mentioned tour including long day trip. The difference is that, most bicycle tours are conducted on bicycle paths or paved roads, mixed terrain bicycle tours might carry its participant across trails and dirt roads, ice laden terrain, snow covered passes or anything in between

S24O (Sub-24hour-Overnight): In this type of bicycle tour, one participant spends a day riding their bicycle to a nearby location (that may be hotel, campground or a friend’s house) where they rest for the night and after that they spend the following day returning by bike to their home or starting location. This is a little bit different than the long day trip as it consists of two days of cycling and one overnight stay but long day trip consist of only one day for cycling and there are no any overnight rest stops in it.

Thus, anyone can choose any of the above mentioned bike trips that are well suited for their specific needs and requirements that should be too within their financial budget.      

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