Different Types of Facial Steamers


Authored by Carol Snider in Skin Care
Published on 12-16-2008

When it comes to treating, facial steamers are proven to be one of the most effective ways in which these skin problems can be treated. Facial steamers are actually an old method of keeping skin healthy and glowing and you should definitely take advantage of the many benefits it can bring. A facial steamer is deemed as highly beneficial because it helps open up the pores on your skin. As this happens, you can now facilitate deep cleaning agents to remove harmful bacteria and sebum build up beneath your skin. Sebum and bacteria are among the primary causes of skin breakouts. In the end, your skin becomes radiant and healthy looking as these unwanted things are effectively removed and flushed out.

Nowadays, facial steamers come in different variants. One of them is the portable facial steamers which come in as small handy steamers you can easily bring anywhere. Among the types of facial steamers today, the portable ones are considered to be the most affordable because they are not too complicated. They contain the basic functions which your skin will need.

You only need to fill up its reserved water reservoir with clean water and there’s also a separate compact where you can pour in some essential oils to soothe your senses as you are using the facial steamer. The essential oils you add in can also give some medicinal benefits on your face. It can effectively detoxify your skin and make sure that it clears out all the bacteria off from your face and of course, out of your pores. There is also a settings panel which you can easily manipulate to control the temperature.

Aside from portable facial steamers, you can also take advantage of a facial sauna. This method is also a good natural way of treating your skin onwards rejuvenation. A facial sauna will also help energize your skin and bring back its youthful glow. A facial sauna makes use of an inhaler mask in order to funnel out the mist which will pick the dirt off from your face. It still employs the basic concepts of a facial steamer because it actually makes use of the steam to take out the dirt from your face. As this happens, you will eventually notice that your skin become glowing and looking better everyday.

An upgraded version of facial steamers nowadays can be seen in the form of electronic aroma and herbal steamers which make use of herbal essences and steam to rejuvenate and clear out the skin. These facial steamers are also made compact with a stand that also contains rollers which are lockable. In this way, you can feel safe when using them close to your skin. You do not have to worry about relaxing as you let the herbal facial steamer work its magic on your skin. In addition to these, the herbal facial steamer is also considered to be a hundred percent natural because it makes use of plant essences as well as aromatherapy to treat your skin. And not only does it help clear up your skin but it also helps you relax from the soothing and calming effects of aromatherapy.


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