Different Types of Hair Dryers


Authored by Brandy Burgess in Hair Care 
Published on 10-08-2009

Each type of hair dryer works differently to bring out the smoothness, shine and overall hair drying technique. New types of hair dryers have much more to offer than older versions due to an increase in technology. Although all hair dryers have the same basic concept and internal components, some contain extra features that help to dry hair with added benefits.

Ionic Hair Dryer

Ionic hair dryers, unlike the traditional models, only produce negative ions. When positive charged ions hit the hair, it makes the outer cuticle of the hair shafts open up, causing the hair to look dull and dry. Negative ions on the other hand give the opposite effect.

When a hair dryer produces negative ions, water in the hair is broken down and evaporated much quicker, speeding up the drying time. Other benefits of using an ionic hair dryer are that it makes the hair shinier, healthier, and leaves it full of body. The dryer also causes the hair to quickly absorb the water, leaving it feeling less dry and silkier. Ionic hair dryers are recommended for people with normal hair that does not need much time styling.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

With traditional hair dryer models, the metal coils inside the dryer would heat but leave cold spots. This made the drying uneven. With ceramic hair dryers, heat is produced evenly throughout the coils and it’s constantly keeping itself at a constant temperature. Ceramic hair dryers also give off negative ions which give the hair a soft and full effect.

Ceramic hair dyers are basically large ceramic heaters placed in a conventional model hair dryer. With this type of dryer, the heat is at a constant temperature but usually lower than most models. Although the maintained temperature is lower than most dryers, it gives the same drying effect of a high temperature dryer without the damaging effects of heat. Ceramic hair dryers are recommended for those who need a little more time styling.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Some of the most popular and well known types of hair dryers today contain drying components coated with crushed tourmaline. Tourmaline is a type of semi-precious mineral that give off large amounts of negative ions naturally. Very often you will see newer hair dryer models that contain both tourmaline and ceramic components. This is why tourmaline hair dryers are one of the more expensive, but best hair dryers available.

Tourmaline hair dryers are thought to be one of the most powerful dryers that you can purchase. They dry up to 70 percent faster than other traditional hair dryers on the market. Tourmaline hair dryers are recommended for those who are looking for a straight and blown out style.


Hair dryers are an important styling tool used for various hairstyles. Some dryers are suitable for some while others may not be right for a certain type of hair. The size, shape, style and features of a hair dryer will depend on the customers needs. Choosing a hair dryer that is right for your hair type and styling purposes will allow you to get the best hair styling results.


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