Different Types of Hair Perms

When the term “perm” is used when referring to hair styling, one often gets caught up in stereotype. The unfortunately obvious mental picture that is summoned is that of either Shirley Temple or the disco inferno 70’s look. Truth of the matter is the traditional tight curls of yesteryear aren’t the only type of hair perm. There are different types of hair perms for different types of hair and styling preferences.

If you are thinking about perming your hair, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Desired result – whether you are looking for curls, waves, or simply adding body to fine/thin hair.
  • Your hair type – coarse, thin, processesed or ethnic.

These factors will contribute to your options, as well as aid in acquiring your desired results. Keep in mind that the average hair perm will last for anywhere between 2-6 months based on the type and individual.

If you are looking for soft, pliable curls similar to naturally curly hair, then an acid perm may be your best option. Acid hair perms are typically best suited for hair that is thin or for individuals that have recently processed their hair. This type of hair perm tends to leave hair in better condition than others, as it is milder in nature.

For flat or limp hair, you have several options of hair perm. The types of hair perm best suited for your hair type include the root perm and the body perm. Root perms can add lift and volume to flat hair in the root area only. Body types of hair perms add a sense of fullness through soft waves. These different types of hair perms can create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Looking to add volume to that one layer hairstyle? The best type of hair perm for you would be the stack perm. This type of hair perm adds volume and curl to bobs and other single layer haircuts.

Spiral perms are a great variation of the traditional hair perm. This type of hair perm creates loose romantic curls and is perfect for longer hair types. (Think Nicole Kidman circa 1990’s) The spiral curls are achieved by rolling the hair vertically. In doing so, this type of hair perm can also create volume and body in hair that may not have had it before the perm process.

Hair won’t normally take a curl? Difficult or resistant hair can still undergo a perm with great results. The best type of hair perms for hair of this nature, are those of an alkaline composition.

Last but not least, the most diverse types of hair perms are the spot and weave varieties. These types of hair perms allow an individual the ability to perm sections of hair as opposed to the entire head. This type of hair perm is perfect for any type of hairstyle that incorporates both straight and curly/wavy textures. Who needs to subject their hair to the damage of daily styling with heat appliances that can be both harmful and time consuming? (not to mention frustrating)

These different types of hair perms can allow you to achieve your desired style. If you are considering a hair perm, it is best to consult your hair stylist with any questions you may have regarding these processes.


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