Different Types of Marketing Jobs

One field that is now more important than ever is marketing. Companies cannot make money without sales, and they can’t make sales if no one knows the business exists. A marketing department gets the company’s message out to the general public about its goods or services so that the business becomes a viable option in a person’s mind when he or she is in the market to buy. Just as there are many different types of jobs at a company, there are also different types of jobs in marketing as well.


One job for those who can write well is that of a Copywriter. This position entails coming up with promotional text in order to describe the company’s products for various uses such as print or television ads, website pages, and promotional flyers. Copywriters can work at in-house marketing departments, advertising agencies, web development companies, public relations firms, and at places where the ads actually run such as newspapers, magazines, and television broadcasting companies. Copywriters will often need several years of experience writing professionally, as well as a degree in Journalism or a similar field, although the latter is sometimes not required.

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinators typically report to the Marketing Director, and will create and implement different marketing campaigns for the company. There can be some overlap here with the Copywriter job depending on the size of the company, as in a smaller firm the Marketing Coordinator will often write a lot of the copy as well. Not only does this job entail coming up with ideas and implementing them, but it also involves dealing with advertising agencies and other types of vendors if the company contracts with them. To land a job like this, the candidate will usually need a few years of corporate marketing experience, as well as a four-year degree in marketing, communications, or public relations. In addition, proficiency with the software used in marketing departments such as the Adobe suite is often seen as a plus.

Director of Marketing/Director of Communications

After toiling away for many years in various marketing departments, a person can one day rise to the level of Director of Marketing. Although in some small companies this person can be a one-person department, in a larger company this is a supervisory position where the person oversees all activities of the department, and is ultimately responsible for getting the company’s message out. The Director of Marketing supervises all of the employees in the department, giving guidance when necessary and making the tough business decisions as to how to spend the marketing budget most effectively. Often, he or she will also have to hire and fire the employees in the department as well. A person will almost always need a four year degree in a marketing-related field to become a Director of Marketing, and often a Master’s degree is required as well. In addition, many years of experience in a corporate marketing department is usually required, as is experience in marketing the particular field that the company is involved in.


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