Different Types of Tumors

Authored by Morgan Barnhart in Diseases
Published on 09-25-2009

There are two types of tumors. One type is benign. The other is malignant. Benign tumors grow slowly, are non-cancerous and usually do not spread to other parts of the body. Malignant tumors grow much faster, they can spread to other parts of the body and can cause serious health problems. Benign tumors can grow to malignant tumors over time. Malignant tumors can become benign when given proper treatment.

Scientists make a generalization that tumors formed by body tissue that grew to form an abnormal mass, which can cause harm to the vessels and tissue around the formation. Though with advances in technology, new research has shown that tumors grow by attaching themselves to protein displayed on the surface of cells that line the walls of blood vessels. The attachment helps the tumor build a blood supply. Where it attaches itself and how much blood it’s getting, determines how quickly the tumor grows.

Tumors can be found in and on any part of the body. The most common places a tumor can be found are the lungs, brain, ovaries, bones, skin, breast, and the list goes on. If a tumor is caught in the early stages of forming, it’s easier to treat and there are less health concerns. Most of the time it can simply be removed through surgery, but depending on where the tumor is, there could be more advanced treatment.

The severity of the tumor can be diagnosed by your doctor taking a biopsy. X-rays and other types of scans can also help the doctor visualize what he’s dealing with. He can define what kind of tumor it is and whether it’s benign or malignant. If benign, the doctor will usually advise that you wait and see if it continues to grow or if it’s simply an unusual growth. Time is the only key for deciding action against benign tumors.

Tumors cause problems to the body when they begin to stop normal activity. If it’s a brain tumor, it can cause hallucinations or loss of memory simply because the mass has grown in and around those cells. If a tumor appears in the lungs, it can cut off normal circulation or breathing. These types of tumors are the malignant tumors which can be treated a number of ways.

Depending on the size, how long the tumor has been there and how much damage it’s done would reflect which type of treatment is given. Some treatments may include surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Sometimes it’s a combination of all three depending on the size of the tumor. These treatments are not always successful, however. Malignant tumors are all very different, some can grow rapidly while others grow slower. There are treatments that may not be affective if the tumor is growing too rapidly or has caused too much damage.

Tumors usually start off as tiny little bumps and usually can’t be detected until they start growing and causing damage to your system. Getting a physical every year can help catch tumors at the early stages. If you notice even the smallest bump on your skin or breasts, get it checked out quickly.


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