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Different Ways of Writing a Dissertation

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 07/16/2008
  • Writing

Dissertation writing is one of the most important writing skills a college student can have under their belt. These skills will enable the student to research, write and aptly show people their understanding of certain subjects. The first thing that a dissertation should include is that of the statement. In the dissertation statement, this part shows the readers your intention to research certain subjects that will be included in the paper. This provides the student with a solid and reasonable foundation in which to start their paper and their research. Some students like to input a personal opinion or knowledge into this section. There is no definite structure to a dissertation, however, it is easier to write and stay on top of if you do follow a set structure. The structure should look something like the following: Title Page: This reflects the nature of the work and the research going into it, your name as the author, a statement about the specific program that you paper is submitted within in. Finally it should contain the date of the actual submission. Abstract: This is a summary of your particular objectives within your paper and what you hope to achieve by researching the subject. It should also include the methodology that you have used and also what you have found by researching your subject. Content List: This part of the dissertation should include all of your chapters and sub chapters within your dissertation paper. Additional List: This list has to include any illustrations, diagrams or tables that you within your dissertation paper.


nt: This section is for any acknowledgments that need to be made. Main Text: This is the body of your dissertation and should include sections for all of your points made and research found. IT should also have the appropriate headings within. References: This is the section where all the citations will be found as you have made them through your paper. It is easier to write this as you write your paper. Then double check you have included them all as your proofread your final draft of the dissertation. Appendices: This final part of your dissertation is to include all the different parts of the writing that don’t make actual and direct input to the main text. It is always worthwhile making time for setting out the structure properly before you actually start writing your dissertation. This enables you to complete it quicker as you are properly organized and prepared. You could always look at other completed dissertations to see how they have structured it and take ideas for your own structure. This helps to make it clearer when creating your own. Dissertation writing is laborious and can take some patience and a lot of time. However, if planned properly, you may find you are able to complete it quicker than those that don’t plan ahead of time.

Concentration is the key to writing a great dissertation. Find somewhere quiet that you can take the time to peruse your writing without distractions. Distractions may cause you to lose the plot when writing and forget the point you were trying to make. This is also a good time to write a plan and write specific points in shorthand as you write the main dissertation. This stops you from forgetting what you have already written about and stops you from repeating yourself.



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