Different Ways To Make Money Blogging

Many people every day go online trying to find different ways to make money. Some people want to bring in a little extra money to supplement their full-time or part-time incomes, while others are looking towards the idea of being fully employed working online. When people look at different ways to make money online, they are sometimes overwhelmed by the incredible amount of options available. Though it takes a lot of work, one of the easiest ways to break into the online money making world is through blogging. Whether setting up a blog through one of the free blog providers or buying their own domain name and hosting plan to handle everything themselves, would-be bloggers can get started blogging almost immediately.

Making money online by blogging can require a lot of work, but is a fairly simple process. The main idea is for someone to start a blog that covers or comments on a subject they are both familiar with as well as interested in, this makes it so the author won’t get bored with the material and will keep updating it often as that is one of the most important features of any blog. Once the blog is started, then the owner has to think about monetizing it in the best way possible. There are a number of monetization options available for bloggers.

Contextual Advertisements

The most popular way that bloggers have of monetizing their blogs is by using what is called contextual advertisements. There are a number of popular contextual ad networks out there, but the most popular of all would be Google’s Adsense program. The way contextual ad networks work is that the blog owner puts a piece of code on their blog that will display advertisements from the ad network. The code allows the network to scan the content of the blog, analyze what is there, and then put up advertisement that may be appealing to readers of that topic. In this way, a blog about sports will have sports ads appear on it, a blog about cooking will have food related ads on it, and so on. Then, for each click on one of those ads the blog owner is paid a fee by the ad network.


Another popular way for blog owners to make money online is by utilizing a program available through internet power house Amazon. With the Amazon program, a blog owner can put up photos, descriptions, or just links to any of the thousands of items sold by Amazon and if someone buys it by clicking to from the blog owner’s site, then the blog owner gets paid a percentage of the sale price. This is an easy program to blend in with the content of the blog because Amazon sells nearly everything. If the blog is about animation or cartoons, for example, then the blog owner can post Amazon products related to that subject right on the blog. There again, when those items sell the blog owner will get a percentage of the sale price.

Paid Blog Posts

One of the thing that a number of general blog readers don’t realize is that a certain amount of the blog posts that they read are paid for. A paid blog post can be a post that openly promotes an item, service, or website; it can also be a post that is there for information purposes but someone has paid for certain keywords in the post to link to their site. Paid blog posts are a very lucrative way to make money online, but most will usually only pay for paid blog posts once the blog in question has achieved a certain amount of popularity and traffic.

Affiliate Programs

Yet another way to make money online blogging is to participate in affiliate programs. Affiliate programs work similarly to the program Amazon has set up that was described earlier. There are thousands of affiliate programs available to be a part of. A blog owner joins a website or company’s affiliate program and then promotes their product. The blog owner is then paid money in exchange for any sales that are achieved through the blog owner’s blog. The percentage of the sale price that the blog owner receives varies from affiliate program to affiliate program.

There are a number of ways to make money online and blogging is just one of them. And even through blogging there are still a number of different ways to make money, the key for a blog owner is to focus on continually updating the content of their site and improving the marketing and advertising of their site. The greater amount of traffic that comes to a blog means the greater chance that there will be a click on an ad, a purchase through an affiliate link, or a willing purchaser of a paid blog post. A blog owner needs to know that there will be plenty of ways to monetize their blog once it is a quality website that people find worthwhile and continue coming back to.


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