Different Ways To Make Money Online By Writing

The dream of making money online is held by many people. Whether it means attaining a certain type of freedom and flexibility so that more time can be spent with the family, achieving a certain income goal, or any other goal, making money online is a reality. Making money online comes down to being able to monetize a given ability that a person might have. If the person has average to excellent writing skills, there are a number of ways to make money online.

Paid Blog Posting

For someone that possesses good writing skills as well as the ability to write frequently, paid blog posting would be a great way to make money online. This method would require the author to establish an online blog, work to make it successful, and then move on to monetizing it. There are many companies and individuals that are willing to pay for someone to review or promote their site or service in an online blog. Contacts with these buyers can be made directly, through online message boards, and through companies that broker blog posts.


Many website owners use articles in both the design and building of their own websites as well as submission items for article directories. Often these same website owners lack either the interest, ability, or free time to write these articles and are willing to pay other writers to write these articles for them.


There are many websites that accept poetry submissions and give prizes out for the best ones submitted to them. Care should be taken as there are also some reported scams in use where poets are targeted with the promise of payment if they buy a poetry book that there poem will be included in. Another way that poems can bring in income is if they can be written in a way to promote a website or service. Many website owners might be willing to purchase original poems that promote their site or service and products.

Sales Copy

Much like other writing opportunities, writing sales copy for website owners with sites that have a product or service for sale is filling a niche that the owner can’t or doesn’t want to do themselves. Many times a website owner has an expertise in marketing, sales, or web design, but not in writing. In these cases they use the abilities of a qualified writer to make up for their own deficiencies in those areas.

Product Descriptions

Website owners who run a website that sells many different products may at times be in need of someone to write quality product descriptions of the items they sell. Similarly, there are companies that offer products on a wholesale level to other websites for them to sell, and they often need product descriptions of their own items that they manufacture or distribute written too.

Song Lyrics

Through contests, there are many opportunities to make financial gains by writing song lyrics. There are scams similar to the poetry based scams that are described above, so aspiring lyric authors should take care before entering into any writing agreement. There are also publishing houses and musicians who have music written but do not have lyrics that they like matched up with it, at times they also pay lyricists to produce those lyrics.

Product Reviews

Another way a writer can earn money online is by writing reviews of different products that are offered for sale. These reviews are often sought after by many different types of buyers. Blog owners will buy these reviews to add as content to their site, retail websites often by these reviews so they can display them on the sales page of the item that is reviewed, and manufacturing or distribution companies may purchase product reviews if they are favorable of their own products.

Writers have a unique talent, a talent that many people do not have. The only way that writers can receive an income for that talent is to find different ways to market their abilities to a wide variety of people. While it is possible for writers that focus on one marketing strategy to be able to make ends meet as well as do much better, if a writer makes sure to offer more than just one method of writing they will increase the chances of being able to succeed. A writer can do something that many people cannot do and are willing to pay to have done for them, knowing how to market themselves to those willing to pay for writing jobs can make the difference between someone who wishes to be a successful writer, and someone who is a successful writer.


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