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Digipakan innovative and selfcontained disc package

The disc digipak is a great alternative to the disc jewel cases. It is one of the contemporary and stylish form of  CD packaging. This type of CD cover can hold more than one CD and are help in place  with plastic trays which are typically glued into the Digipak. Discs Digipaks are quite popular in the music industry because of its ability to hold CD albums as well as several discs set. A well designed  disc artwork combined with special print finishing such as embossing or matt lamination  can easily give a product an expensive professional look.

CD digipak were only seen originally as limited edition or in some specialist CD products. However, the gradual progress in CD packaging and printing techniques has made this CD packaging solution available at a much economical price. This CD sleeve is made out of card stock. There are various forms of CD digipak. The most common being the 4 panel digipak which unlocks like a book. The 6 panel  Digipaks provide a greater canvas fortextual information about the disc as well as for CD artwork  and are quite popular. You can also find 8 and 10 panel Digipaks. In fact, the number of panels, CD booklets and trays means that this type of CD sleeve is infinite.

The versatility of the disc digipak has made this type of CD cover become a popular CD packaging solution.Digipak style packaging is made from cardboard. To make it more resistant to wear and tear, the a protective matte or gloss varnish is applied. However, matt lamination finish is highly recommended. Matt lamination is a procedure where a thin translucent plastic film is added to the surface of the card packaging. This additional plastic coating provides the Digipak more rigidity also making the treated surface water resistant.  Matt finishes also bear the property of providing the finished surface of the Digipak  a smooth and soft finish.

The concern for the environment have become a priority  for the users as well as for the governments. As an ecological manufacture of disc Digipaks, the disc makers largely use sustainable materials for the cardboard stock. They also offer recycled material solutions as well. Even paperfoam tray replaces the plastic flexitrays of the Digipaks. These paperfoams are biodegradable tray and are completely made out from natural resources. Generally potato starch is used as a raw material and as these are natural resources therefore the emission of CO2 is much lower as compared to the other plastic tray alternatives. In fact, paperfoam disc packaging contains less carbon footprint as compared to the customary plastic disc packaging.

The greatest advantage that you can receive from using a Digipak is that it can be made from recycled card. This type of CD cover uses much less plastic traystherefore minimizing the carbon footprint and providing an eco-friendly product.Digipak packaging makes the CD pack more appealing thus increasing the attention of the users as well as enhancing the sales. It protects your CDs in a much better way as the casing is harder to break as compared to other CD sleeves. This type of  CD sleeve is available in different colours and design.

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