DirecTV or DISH Network? Which Satellite TV System to Choose?

This quick guide will compare between the two services to help you arrive at a sensible decision. Let’s look at the similarities between the two satellite TV services before touching on their differences.

In terms of quality and performance, there’s not much difference between the two services. Both offer you full digital picture and sound.

DirecTV and DISH Network both offer free dish bundled with a free four-room receiver system. Installation is free and done within one to five days. A free DVR receiver is part of the package. Similarly a Free HD receiver is thrown in by both services. Please be reminded that both services have a one-year minimum subscription.

Local Channels

With DirecTV, local channels are included in every package you subscribe. DISH network imposes a separate charge if you would like to include local channels in your subscription package.


If you’re a sports buff, you would want to choose DirecTV over DISH for a broader range of sports coverage. Exclusive sports programs in the former are NFL Sunday Ticket, Mega March Madness and Cricket Ticket. The latter has only one exclusive program in ESPN College Grand Slam.

Foreign Language Programming

DirecTV offers foreign language programs with an Asian slant. Exclusive are channels from such countries as Bangladesh, India and Vietnam. DISH, on the other hand, concentrates on Spanish language programs and also some exclusive Chinese channels.


If you’re a music buff, you would surely be interested in what both the services have to offer. With DirecTV, you’ll get more than you’ll need. You get to enjoy 73XM radio channels which, among others, include news, music and entertainment. You would also look forward to CD USA, an exclusive music offering covering live shows and interviews.

Over at DISH you get to sample music from sixty channels round the clock, minus commercials, brought to you by SIRIUS Radio. Other programs of note are DishHD Platinum, DishLatino Dos and America’s Top 180, to mention a few.

Pay Per View

If you’re the type who would like to view special programs or events which are not televised under your normal television subscription package, you’ll not be disappointed with what both services have to offer. You get to watch top Hollywood movies, big games and exclusive sporting events under pay per view.

High Definition

If you own a high definition television set, then you could sign up for the HD package. DirecTV boasts over 130 channels in high definition, even sports, documentaries and news coverage. DISH offers Turbo HD in various packages – TurboHD Bronze, Silver and Gold. You don’t have to own a HD television set to enjoy superior picture and Dolby surround sound.


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