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Disc binding notebooks


  The other day when the nice folks from Levenger sent over the new standard 90g Circa paper for me to try out, they also included some sample packs of the Circa Shaded Annotation Grid and Regular Ruled 100g paper for me to test out and share with you.  In the photo above, the package in front is the Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid Sheets with green shading, and behind it is the regular ruled paper with blue shading. … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago I did a review comparing the new Staples ARC paper the similar Levenger paper.  In that comparison, the Staples ARC came out ahead, however I was contacted by Levenger after the review and notified that they had recently upgraded all of their standard paper to a nicer 90g version.  The offered to send over some of the new Levenger 90g Circa Refills for me to take a look at and compare again, so here we are today with a new comparison. … [Read more…]


I’ve had a few reader questions recently about the Staples Arc system as compared to the Levenger’s Circa notebook system.  In this review we will take a quick look at the Staples  Arc system and then compare these To Do pages to Levenger’s as well as take a look at the paper quality on both. … [Read more…]


Not too long ago, I was thrilled to be able to review the new aluminum Levenger Circa discs because I had long been lamenting the fact that the old nickel discs were discontinued.  Recently I went back to browse around the Levenger site, and was surprised to see that they now offered the 1″ aluminum circa discs in blue and other colors.  Besides the blue version that you see above, they also come in green, purple, red, and the original silver color now. … [Read more…]


I’ve been hearing rumors about new Levenger Circa with Rhodia Paper for quite a while now.  When I finally saw it on the Levenger website, it was like a dream come.  I’ve been a faithful user of my Levenger Annotation Ruled Paper in both my letter sized and junior sized Circa notebooks and my daily planner.  I’ve also been enamored with the incredibly high quality of the 90g paper found in the Rhodia Webnotebooks.  Luckily we now live in a world where both … [Read more…]


I was pretty excited when I saw these Levenger Circa Clincher Discs a few months ago.  I thought it was the perfect idea for storing your pen or pencil in your Circa Notebook if you didn’t like to use (or didn’t have) a pen loop on your Circa cover.  For those of you not familiar with the Levenger Circa Notebooks, I highly recommend that you check them out, you can see my Circa Notebook review to find out more about them. … [Read more…]


In April of last year, I reviewed one of my favorite Levenger accessories, their nickel Circa Discs that I used with my leather Bomber Jacket covers.   To my disappointment, by the time I reviewed them, Levenger had already discontinued them.  The review received a good number of comments, and the feedback made its way to the folks at Levenger including Levenger’s CEO Steve Leveen (Steve on Twitter) himself.  With all of the feedback, from the readers here … [Read more…]


My previous post detailed the Levenger Circa 2009 Daily Planner Refills that I am using to improve my organizational skills this year. Today I wanted to focus on the actual leather portfolio that I am keeping those calendar pages in, or as Levenger calls it, the Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook. The junior size notebooks from Levenger measure 6 1/2″W x 1/2″D x 8 3/4″H. The measurement depends on the size rings that you decide to use with it, but … [Read more…]


This is the 2nd part of a 2 part review on the Levenger Circa Bookcloth Notebook. I will attempt to answer some questions that I received regarding the first post, however the main objective of this post will be to review the functionality of the notebook itself. In addition to posting individual pictures with this post, I am trying a quick video to show the notebook in action. First let me start with a quick overview of the pricing for both the … [Read more…]


Part 1 of this Levenger Circa Bookcloth Notebook review will consist of my initial thoughts on the notebook itself, I will focus on the actual functionality in the second part of the review. For my first review I wanted to start with the item that was probably most responsible for my recent re-obsession with pens, notebooks, desk accessories, and other office supplies.   After a long period of being unimpressed with the available notebooks and journals … [Read more…]


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