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Discount bridesmaid dresses ceremony will be held at the end of the flight performance.

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  • Published 05/3/2011
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Prince William’s wedding will be two 5,000 policewomen direct drains, street lighting explosives investigation 26, London police announced that in order to ensure that the “century wedding” has become a safe, fun event, 29 day, 5,000 police officers will be responsible for the duty to provide effective protection. Two female police officers – City of London Police Assistant Chief Executive Lynn Owens and his colleagues in London Kristen Jones, senior police officers responsible for directing assignment.British police said, the wedding day, the staff responsible for security along the route will include hundreds of uniformed soldiers and a large number of plainclothes police, and mobile units composed of 1,000 police officers, ready to deal with emergency cases. Buildings are arranged along the high ground of police. Since the police will start at 6:00 on the 29th, on the Buckingham Palace, Royal Mile, the Royal cavalry parade ground, the Prime Minister House, Parliament Square to Westminster Abbey Evening Dresses car road closure after the line, gradually released at 2 pm.Currently, British police need to deal with major security risk comes from trying to protest in the wedding day extremist groups, dissident Irish republican activists and the destruction of international terrorist activities. To this end, the British police continue to apply in addition to the organization of protests to communicate, but also strengthen cooperation with national intelligence agencies, also announced that the ban had triggered violent protests in 60 people in the wedding day to enter central London. Police also called on the wedding day, watching people take to the streets, in a timely manner to the police to report suspicious or unusual circumstances.

In addition, police dogs to carry the m

ain streets of London explosives tests, including drains, street lights and traffic lights. Police across London will be through the camera and helicopters monitored to ensure that the abnormal situation, police can immediately obtain the relevant images of people, license plate number and other important information.British media said, saying the wedding of Prince William, Kate Middleton, the bride a lot of pressure, but Owens and Christine Lynn Jones, the two women shoulder the responsibility, compared to Kate Middlebrook Dayton is the greater. “Kiss the Century” is expected to reproduceCharles and Diana on the balcony at Buckingham Palace that year “century Kiss” touched many people. According to some British media said, William and Middleton are expected to reproduce the classic screen. 26 meteorological department forecast the UK, London 29 possible thunderstorms. A royal aide said, regardless of weather conditions, the William and Middleton “ironclad” the balcony of Buckingham Palace on time coming out, “no matter how do not intend to change the time.”The balcony of the royal family can not build temporary canopy. If more rain that day, the two or their umbrella, umbrella or by the attendants. Royal staff believe that people should not worry too much. “That willingness umbrella, depending on their own,” Palace staff said, “We do not need to worry about things out of control, until that day comes.”Discount Bridesmaid Dresses ceremony will be held at the end of the flight performance. At that time, “Tornado,” “wind,” Typhoon “aircraft will perform a flypast. UK Ministry of Defence said that this flight demonstration will be” quite exciting. ” Turning to the impact of weather on flight performance, a Defense Ministry spokesman said, visibility and cloud cover is to determine whether the main indicators of performance, “in this time of year, weather was not possible (on the show) have an impact.”



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