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Discover Ways To Effective SEO Content Writing Today

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 10/24/2010
  • Writing

Whether you are a freelance writer or a website owner, you must understand the importance of proper SEO content writing. It is the key to a lot of things: one is for helping your website rank for the right keywords and two, it defines the quality of your website. So how can you write a good content? I will help you with that with the tips and suggestions that I have included in this article. But first things first, why do you need to consider search engine optimization or SEO with your content writing? Simply put it is a great addition to your optimization techniques for your website. It keeps your site fresh, as it is widely known that the search engine spiders love to crawl sites that are frequently updated. That would be a great help for your site to rank better. You must first know the basics. Before writing any content you must do keyword research to complement the main keywords which you are aiming for your website. One good rule of thumb is to find a keyword that does not have much competition. How can you do this? Just do an exact match search for it on Google and see if it has less than 30,000 results. Ideally with the right SEO approach, you can dominate that results with your SEO content writing.

Now that you have your keyword, put that keyword on your title. And if your article is about 400 or 500 in word count, you can also put it once in the first paragraph, another in t

he middle of the article, and once in the last paragraph. This is important because if you go more than that, your article can be either hard to read (as it might mean nonsense) or it might be considered spammy because it is over laden with keywords. So keep it to a minimum. Do not worry too much about keyword density whenever you are doing SEO writing. In most cases, the higher your keyword density, the less readable your article becomes. It just do not look and read natural. And being natural is what Google (and other search engines) truly prefer. The search engines hate it when you are trying to game their system. Just keep it a point to have the sake of your readers as your article’s main objective. Your keywords should come second. Now there are other places in your website or web copy where you can place your keyword and other related keywords. If you are planning on putting a meta description then that is another place to put your keywords. Next would be the tags (especially if your site is a blog), and also the alt text for your image if you are including an image within the article.

These are the basic tips and suggestions that you should give a try to help you write great SEO content writing today. It is really not that hard, if ever, the hardest part might be doing the keyword research. But other than that, with constant practice, writing for the search engines would become second nature to you. And by the way, never forget to always consider your human readers more than the search spiders.



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