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Disney Moleskine Journals


Disney Moleskine Large and Small

Recently I mentioned that the new Disney Moleskine Journals were coming out, and I finally got my hands on a pair so I thought I’d share some pictures.  There is not much new to write about them since you all know what to expect from Moleskine journals of this size.


Disney Moleskine with Mickey Mouse Drawing Guide

Bear with me on the pictures as it was hard to photograph the black cover with black design that is imprinted on their covers.  The Large Disney Moleskine has Mickey Mouse on the cover holding a giant pencil.  It also has his foot prints leaving tracks behind from a knocked over bottle of ink or paint that is next to a cup with a brush and other writing implements.  The Small Disney Moleskine Journal has Mickey Mouse on the cover with a light bulb over his head with him pointing in the air and standing above a notebook with some torn out and crumpled up pages.


Disney Moleskine Inside Cover

Each of the Disney Moleskine Journals comes with a Mickey Mouse Drawing Guide.  The wrapper on the notebook also has a pretty cool timeline that shows the evolution of Mickey Mouse over the years.  The inside front and back covers have sketches of Mickey Mouse on them.  I have not tried to draw Mickey Mouse based on these instructions and illustrations, but it looks pretty easy.


Disney Moleskine Mickey Mouse Drawing Guide

The Mickey Mouse Drawing Guide is about 12 pages full of sketches and written instruction on how to draw Mickey.  It walks you through multiple angles and how to detail his clothing and other things.  One thing I learned from this was that Mickey actually has feet and toes under those shoes.  Who knew?  Well maybe a lot of people did but I’m definitely not an expert on Mickey Mouse.  I’m a big fan, but just not incredibly well versed in all of the history.


Disney Moleskine Journal Back Pocket

The back cover of the Disney Moleskine Journals have the Mickey Mouse drawings as I mentioned as well as the standard back pocket.  The back pockets have another drawing of Mickey Mouse with a quote from Walt Disney.

As usual, Moleskine did a great job with these Disney Moleskine Journals and anyone that is a fan of Disney, Mickey Mouse or Moleskine should definitely grab a set of the Disney Moleskine Journals before they disappear.  Just know don’t get your hopes up if you are looking for a notebook that will handle fountain pen ink well.

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