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Displaying Licence Plate An Overview

Every vehicle requires a licence plate. This is the identity of the vehicle. Without this your vehicle is incomplete. The license plate needs to show your vehicle registration number clearly. In addition to this, once the number is registered, you cannot change anything about the plate. You are also required to use letters which are easy to read. An incorrect licence plate can lead to legal issues as it is an offence to drive around with improper licence plate.

Licence plate format

There is a government permitted format which the vehicle number plates required to adhere to. According to UK vehicle licence law, the plates should contain – two letters, two numbers and three letters.

The first two letters will refer to the registration office where the vehicle registration has been issued. The two numbers refer to the time when the registration was issued. The other three numbers are chosen randomly.

Licence plate theft is a common offence. To prevent the offence many vehicle owners opt for special type of licence plates. These are difficult to remove from vehicle and even more difficult to reuse. The plate suppliers will be able to provide you more information.

Rules to consider

Even if you are opting for cherished number plates which can be considered as customised plates, you are required to obey a set of rules. The UK traffic law is strict about these rules and disobeying may lead to legal complication.

The plates are needed to be manufactured from reflective materials. There are two types of plates which display the registration number of the vehicles, front and rear plate numbers. The front plate is required to display black numbers on a white plate. Similarly the rear end plate needs to display black numbers on a yellow coloured plate. Background patterns are not allowed in UK.

Get the right licence plate

You need to hire competent supplier to get your desired licence plate manufactured. When you hire the supplier make sure to check the registration. The vehicle licence plate manufacturers are required to be registered under Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA.

You will have to produce valid document to establish your ownership over the vehicle. It is important that you prove to the suppliers that you are entitled to a registration number plate for the vehicle.  

Required identity documents

You can produce the copy of your driving licence to establish your identity.  Your passport can used to prove your identity. The passport does not have to be issued in the UK. Debit or credit card can be used to establish someone’s identity.

Proving registration number ownership

The vehicle registration certificate is an effective document which can establish that you own the number. You can produce the certificate of entitlement of the vehicle number. A temporary registration certificate is also enough to get you an issued private number plate.  

Finding the right supplier

It is important that you get the licence plate from a reliable supplier. There are several available. However, make sure to do your research before hiring anyone. The supplier should have the authorisation to manufacture your licence plate.  

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Kent Charlie is associated with a vehicle registration agency who deals with private number plates and personalised car number plate design. He has been writing for many online publications on a freelance basis. Kent loves travelling and adventure riding which he is not too busy with his business. Collecting heritage car number plates is one of his favourites and he takes pride on that. Here he is providing the readers an insight of obtaining vehicle licence plate numbers.

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