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Divider Tab Sticky Notes with Index by RediTag


RediTag Divider Tab Sticky Notes Package

Most folks that love their notebooks and office supplies in general are always looking for ways to customize or modify what they have because there seems to be a never ending search for the perfect product.  If you can relate to being in that frame of mind, then these RediTag Divider Tab Sticky Notes (via Amazon) might be a perfect notebook accessory for you to consider adding to your office supply inventory.


RediTag Divider Tab Sticky Notes Inside

Before I could even get my hands on the actual Divider Tab Sticky Notes, I was impressed with the sturdy and semi-flexible cover on the front.  It would have been easy to go the super cheap route an throw a index card type stock on the front and call it a day, but this plastic cover definitely adds a good deal of protection so you can carry these in your laptop bag or throw them in a drawer without too much worry that the product inside will get banged up.  I guess on that note I should mention that the back of this IS a lighter weight index card-type stock, but having that plastic cover protection on the front still makes a big difference to me.

RediTag Divider Tab Sticky Notes in Notebook

It was pretty simple to affix these evenly to my notebook pages due to their size (approximately 4″x6″) and layout.  Regular sticky tabs that are just slightly bigger than the size of the tab itself can sometimes be tricky to get aligned perfectly as you line them up down the side of your page, but because these are so big it is much easier.  Getting the proper alignment just requires that you align the entire top right corner with the top right corner of your notebook.  Regardless of what level tabs you are using, they will always be perfectly spaced if you do this.


RediTag Divider Tab Sticky Notes Side View

Although I’m not usually a fan of bright rainbow-like color schemes, I think that its an appropriate choice for any product that is designed to help you find or remember things easily, which applies here.  The bright colors act as visual cues to remind you what is on each page or tab, and also makes it very easy to distinguish where one tab starts and another ends when you go to grab at one.


RediTag Divider Tab Sticky Notes Index

Each of the Divider Tab Sticky Notes has space for an index or table of contents to identify what is in each section you use these to mark off.  There is one slightly bold line at top where a title can go, and then below that are twelve more lines of a lighter weight where you can list out the important topics or items in each section. I would say that these are probably best suited for putting in place and not moving around too much, as when I removed them a few times from the page they began to curl a little and show some wear.  Regardless of that though, they did seem very fixed in place once I determined where I wanted to lay them down in my notebook.  I wouldn’t say that these are are going to set the world on fire, but as I said before, they are definitely a great item to have on hand if you are looking to personalize your favorite notebook, or just make it a little more functional for your specific purpose.  Have at it over on Amazon if these look like your cup of tea, they definitely do what they were meant to do and do it well in their sturdy little protective case.

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