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Diving watches’ history, functions and design

  • By tanmus willson
  • Published 01/19/2011
  • Fiction

The beautiful sea world never fails to fascinate human beings. There are full of colorful corals, all sorts of fishes and clumsy turtles. People can always find something interesting there. Consequently, diving becomes a popular outdoor sport.     Among lots of diving equipment, dive watches play a vital role in diving activity. Following content will talk about dive watches in three aspects — history, functions and design.     About History   In the beginning dive watches were used in military and professional aspects. The creator of the world’s first diving watch is Omega SA. The first diving watch is called ‘Marine’ which was produced in 1932. There was a dramatic development of diving watches in technology during the World War II. However, in that time dive watches were made in small numbers. In 1953 waterproof watches came on the market in France, nevertheless it was only designed for swimming not diving. In 1954 Rolex produced a real diving watch, known as scuba. After that, other watch brands noticed the market and began to develop their own series of diving watches.       About Functions   There are a large number of functions of dive watches. Some of them are indispensable such as water resistant, chronograph. Normally, the water-resistance of a good dive watch could expand to 660 feet (200M). There is a mark ‘ATM’ on each watch’s back, which means “atmosphere pressure”. It demonstrates that how many atmosphere pressures this watch can resist. Only 10 ATM or greater watches can be used as dive watches. A more professional dive watch usually features a screw down crown to increase water resistant. Chronographs are crucial to the life of divers. It makes them take a good control of oxygen.         About Design   Generally, the case and bracelet of dive watches are made of stainless steel, which makes it more durable. Due to the excellent scratch resistant, sapphire crystal is usually used as dive watches’ window glass. In addition, in order to view easily, hands and hour markers are designed to be luminous.   nopicture-2461394

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by tanmus willson



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