DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

In a baby shower, one of the most important things to consider is the centerpiece for the event. Of course, it is the first thing that would catch the attention of guests, so it is crucial to make it as attractive as possible. Some people would like to do their own centerpieces instead of spending too much on ready-made items. It is easy to prepare one and there are lots of materials you can use as a baby shower centerpiece.

Traditionally, people commonly make use of flower arrangements because it adds a feeling of freshness and an element of the outdoors. One way of preparing this is to creatively arrange different flower pieces in an attractive basket. To help you pick which kind of flower to use, you can usually follow your motif for the whole party; choose the flowers of a certain color shade that would match the motif. Otherwise, you could experiment more and pick different colors and types of flowers that would fit the mood.

When it comes to the basket to use, there are many baskets of various materials, shapes, and sizes available in your local specialty shop. You can always choose one which you think would be most appropriate for the style that you would like to achieve. Additionally, you could trim it with ribbons to make it more eye-catching.

One of the more contemporary ideas is the addition of baby things in the floral basket such as stuffed toys, washcloth, small toys, baby bottles, and other colorful things. Addition of such materials would make the atmosphere more fun and enjoyable.

In lieu of the flowers, plants are also sometimes used as baby shower centerpieces. Similar to the flower arrangement, you can also add small toys or other baby things like rubber ducks and toy cars among to make it look more enticing.

Recently, an emerging trend in baby shower parties is the use of diaper cake as centerpiece. No, the diaper cake is not a sweet, edible cake. This is made of a lot of colored diapers that are arranged to make them look like a tiered cake. It is not only attractive and eye-catching but it is very practical at the same time because the diapers could be used afterwards.

Another more delightful centerpiece idea is the use of balloons. The presence of balloons as part of the decoration makes parties more festive. You can buy balloons of the color of your choice and have them inflated in your local party store. Tie a set together and tack them in a container that would keep them in place, and then put them on the center top of the table. This is one of the cheaper centerpiece ideas but attractive and pleasing nonetheless.

Other containers that could be used as centerpieces are fishbowls or vases. You can fill them with water and decorate them with pebbles, beads, shells, petals, small baby things, or floating candles.

Gift baskets are also used as baby shower centerpieces. You can show off the gifts that you have received prior to the party. Arrange them in such a way that they would be attractive to look at.

Themed baby showers are also a hit. There are different themes to choose from such as a zoo party, a beach party, and others. To create a beach feel, you can make a centerpiece using a small blanket, some beach toys, pebbles, and colored sand. On the other hand, a centerpiece for a zoo party would include small animal toys that could be mixed with potted plants.

In making your own centerpiece, the key is just to be creative. You could try using just about anything you could think of: canisters, vases, flowers, candles, pebbles, small toys, and others. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is to mix and match these items to creative a beautiful masterpiece.

However, if you don’t want to go through all the hassles of preparing the centerpiece for your baby shower, you can still order and buy centerpieces from your favorite baby store. Your expenses will vary based on the contents of the package that you are going to get. It all depends on what you want included. On the average, a regular flower arrangement centerpiece with various baby things would usually cost around $60, which is not so bad after all.

Baby showers are such fun events for the expectant mother. Do not break the mood by opting out on the use of a centerpiece or using a dull one; instead, make it as fun and as cheerful as possible by either buying or preparing your own centerpiece. Make use of these centerpiece ideas and give the baby shower party more life by just being creative and having fun.


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