DIY WalkIn Closets


Authored by Sandy Rothra in Home Improvement 
Published on 10-12-2009

There is one common complaint in homes, whether rented or owned, and no matter the size. That is lack of closet space. No matter the size of the closets in a home, the occupants wish them to be larger. Most of the newer homes have walk-in closets of various sizes. These walk-in closets usually have a few shelves and a pole for hangers. They need so much more. Good organization will allow more utilization of the space you do have. Here are some simple steps to create a walk-in closet to suit your needs.

Plan your walk-in closet. If building the closet from scratch, you will need to determine the placement and dimensions. Decide exactly what you want to store. Plan the organization and sketch it out. Put some thought into where each item will be stored and plan shelving, drawers, and bars accordingly. You must not forget shoes. Also choose your materials, whether building the interior from scratch or utilizing existing closet organizer systems. If you have the luxury of extra room, build in extra space for growth and expansion.

Gather the materials for your walk-in closet. Be sure to have all the necessary building supplies as well as any tools needed. Simple tools required are stud finder, drill, phillips head screwdriver, level, and tape measure.

Begin building your walk-in closet. Build your closet according to the plans you created. Use care in measuring to avoid costly mistakes. Keep safety in mind.

Light your walk-in closet. Choose lighting that will create the fewest shadows. Track lighting can be efficient, but a simple overhead light will probably be enough. The light switch should be easy to find as you open the door.

Install shelving in your walk-in closet. Shelves and poles can be created by you or you can purchase a kit. There are many systems for sale that are adjustable and will fulfill your needs. Your choices may range from a full organizational system, to accommodate all your items, to simply installing a few shelves and bars. Don’t forget the space next to the ceiling. That area is often ignored but extra shelves, above the easily reached area, can be ideal for little-used or out-of-season storage. Valuable space can be found behind the door. Go inside the closet and close the door. Is there usable space there? If not, then utilize the door itself. Over-the-door shoe racks or hooks for belts, hats, and other small items make them accessible without using up valuable closet space.

Purge the contents of your walk-in closet. You do not need to store every item you have ever owned. Before putting objects into your closet, sort them and discard or donate items you no longer need or use.

A well-planned walk-in closet will increase storage space and be much more efficient. It will allow you to store and find items much more quickly. With the help of ready-made organizing systems, you can create an efficient and attractive closet in a week-end.


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