Do It Yourself Plastic Surgery

There are just certain things in life that people shouldn’t try to save money on. For instance, going to a cheaper tattoo parlor could be dangerous not just because of the quality of the art is lower, but because the procedures might be unsafe and it could lead to an infection in your skin and muscle. It would be an even worse idea for someone to rig up a motor and put a needle into it to try and do this themselves. However, when it comes to plastic surgery there are products that offer to do the medical equivalent. And unfortunately, people are buying into this.

There are some truly atrocious horror stories about people who have attempted “do-it-yourself” plastic surgery procedures on themselves. One story that was publicized was a a person who had allowed their friend to pump silicone bath tub caulk into their face to try and change the way they looked. There have also been reports of women who attempted to inject saline straight into their breasts, or into their breast implants, to increase their breast sizes. For those who are curious, this results are a major health hazard, and rock solid breasts that require reconstructive surgery to fix. Unfortunately the laundry list of stupid ideas goes on and on.

One might ask themselves why anyone in their right mind would do things like this to themselves. Why would a person, someone whose a full grown adult, participate in something so half baked and obviously dangerous? There are a lot of theories, but they boil down to two basic principles. The first is that there are people who really do not like the way they look, and who desperately want to change their appearance. The second is that many of these people either consider genuine, legitimate plastic surgery too costly, can’t afford to get it, or both.

There are even products available on the Internet that take advantage of people’s desire to become more beautiful without the work of diet and exercise or the cost of plastic surgery. Substances that need to be injected directly into a person’s cheeks or lips that claim to be just as good, if not better than traditional medicine but which only run someone a few hundred dollars. How people fall for these gimmicks, or how they can believe that with only a simple injection they can duplicate hours of actual plastic surgery is something that still isn’t understood.

Plastic surgery is no different than any other type of surgery. If you develop anal warts that have to be removed, or a tumor in your stomach, would you try and remove these conditions yourself with a kitchen knife? Of course not, that would be stupid and ridiculous. So why then wouldn’t you go to a surgeon who’s studied for years, been accredited, and been proven to achieve cosmetic results for your improvement surgery? Not only is do it yourself plastic surgery a horrible idea, but it can impact your health and appearance in ways that will take 3 to 5 times the amount of money to fix as getting the original procedure done right could have cost.


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