Do Waist Trimming Belts Work?

As more Americans find themselves joining the already swollen ranks of the overweight and the obese, more new products flood the market promising miraculous success in helping cut the extra pounds and inches.  Pills, fad diets, and novel exercise equipment all vie for your valuable fitness dollars.  One such product is the waist trimming belt.  These belts promise to help you shed inches off your midsection if you wear one while exercising.  The question is: do they work?

The answer, plainly and simply, is no.  Products like waist trimming belts will neither cause you to lose weight or inches, nor will they add any significant effect to your own weight-loss efforts.  The only place you will find a reduction by purchasing these products is in your bank account balance.

The purported theory behind these products is that the belts will trap body heat in the targeted areas, causing temperatures to rise.  The body, then, must work harder to rid itself of the excessive heat.  Through some miraculous process, usually shrouded in unscientific and wholly inaccurate use of terms like ‘catalyst’ and ‘metabolism,’ this will lead not only to weight loss, but to targeted reduction in fat around the waist and midsection.

This is, of course, an absurd claim.  While the belts may trap body heat, the body’s main natural mechanism for cooling itself is through sweating.  So, during your workout, the belt may lead to a small percentage increase in the amount of sweat you produce.  This will lead to an increased loss of weight, but one that is barely perceptible, if at all.  And more to the point, it is only a temporary loss.  The weight lost through sweat is merely the weight of the water that has evaporated, and that weight will return the next time you take a drink.  It is not a permanent loss of weight by any means.  Similarly, there is no scientifically-proven way to target weight or fat reduction.  Each individual gains and loses fat at different rates in different parts of their bodies, and no weight-loss product will change this.

The key factors in weight loss are the balance between calories consumed and used during the day and the amount of exercise one gets.  There is a reason that all of these miracle products advertise the fact that they work when used along with a diet and exercise program.  That reason is that it is the diet and exercise program that causes the loss of weight, not the over-priced product.  Will you lose weight while exercising with one of these belts?  Yes, but no more than you would by doing those same exercises alone.

The bottom line is that these products do not work.  Save your money for a pass to the fitness center or for a bike that you can ride on local trails.  It will work out a lot better for you in the long run.


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