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Do you have those shoes in your shoes cabinet?

  • By willson Fleaks
  • Published 06/8/2011
  • Poetry

If you have watched the film of Sex and the city, you must have been impressed by Sarah Jessica Parker, a big crush at shoes. Although most of us are unable to own that many shoes especially branded shoes, it is not doubt that lots of women like shoes. Every woman must own different types of shoes in her shoes cabinet expect the modest people. Ok, how many shoes does average woman need? Now let’s have a good look of them. First one is the comfortable and necessary sports or cloth shoes. Of course, this kind of shoes are most liked and worn by men, but it doesn’t mean that they are just for men. Just like men, every woman needs them for running, shopping, sporting or for climbing the hills. They are the most comfortable footwear and are always with the high quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Then it is the turn of formal shoes. From the name, we can all have a good understanding that they are for some formal situations such as in a job interview or in the office. Formal shoes are footwear that are simple and without so many extra decorations. They always come up

with the steady mature feeling. Office women all have a pair of such kind shoes at least. Since there are the formal shoes, there also exist the informal shoes. They are something similar to the formal shoes but with some accents. If you are going to some club or café, such shoes will be the best choice for the occasion. Every woman also needs party shoes because they match well with the elegant and gorgeous party dress. What misery if you cannot find a pair of satisfied shoes to compete your perfect outfit. As there are many parties in our life, a pair of party shoes is the essential accessory in one’s wardrobe. Indeed, boots are also the indispensable footwear. Snow boots are important equipment in the countries in and near Frigid Zone. And other leather boots with the stylish and gorgeous design have become an essential accessory for fashion-conscious female friends. There are ankle-length boots, middle length and the full length ones, and each one matches the different clothes. Of course, slippers are the must-have of every one. Now, have a look at your cabinet and find whether there are some shoes lacking.



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