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Do You Need Different Wrinkle Creams For Different Parts Of Your Face?

There are so many different types of anti aging skin care products on the market these days. Moisturizing creams specifically for around your eyes, some for day, some for night. How on earth are you supposed to figure out what the best eye cream for anti aging is? And do you need different ones for different parts of your face, or different times of day?

Here are the various types of anti wrinkle face creams available, and what they do for your complexion.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are gentle enough that they can be used on the delicate skin around your eyes, and since the skin around your eyes is very thin, an eye-specific product is the best option for reducing wrinkles, crows’ feet and other fine lines. Whether you use eye wrinkle cream at night or wrinkle reducer in the morning, it is intended to reduce under-eye bags, puffiness and creases around the eyes.

Day Cream

Day creams are often formulated to go under makeup, and provide a flawless foundation for you to apply your makeup over. In addition, day cream contains elements that reflect the light so your skin appears brighter and younger. In addition to their moisturizing properties, they also often contain small amounts of SPF; while you should apply SPF daily — regardless of whether you intend to spend time in the sun — it is not important whether it is contained in your moisturizers or whether it is applied separately.

Night Cream

Because night cream is intended for use before you go to sleep (after all your makeup has been removed), it is usually a heavier formula than most day creams so that it can work its magic while you rest. Night creams are typically extra moisturizing, and may include collagen to help skin snap back on its own. In addition, night cream helps the skin to heal itself when the body is at rest so it can better protect itself from additional damage.


Anti aging moisturizer should be used immediately after washing your face in the mornings and/or evenings before bed. While moisturizers are great for your facial skin, they are not intended to be used around the eyes, and may even come with a warning to avoid the eye area.

As far as choosing only one product to use on your face, you want to find a good anti wrinkle face cream that is moisturizing and gentle on the skin (especially if you intend to use it around your eyes). You may find better results in using multiple natural anti aging products simultaneously, but the right anti wrinkle cream will work wonders for your skin with just one product. Anti wrinkle products will help eliminate wrinkles and firm skin for a younger, brighter look.

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