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Do You Want to Create Your Own Bypass Proxy ?(a)

  • By Anna Ella
  • Published 01/16/2013

Now it is very common to us that we couldn’t get access to Facebook or Twitter or the other famous websites directly and easily.And we should know that it is really a irritating problem for us if we could bypass Facebook to get what we wanted on its platform.But it seems to us that it is too hard for us to fix it in a short time. Generally speaking,a bypass proxy is created to get around a network server’s blacklisting process. This blacklist blocks the access to the resources which is based on the IP address or region that we are searching for when we access Facebook at work. And the server would recognize the address and restrict its access automatically. It choose to use the code which is running on an intermediate computer to block the originating computer’s IP address from the server.This allows the access to the resources you are searching for a long time on the internet could be transmitted directly ,as long as the intermediate server you are using is not in the restricted list . Luckily for us, the code for the intermediate computer is readily available online and it just needs to be placed on an existing website such as the Facebook bypass proxy server.So maybe it is necessary for us to learn how to set it up on our computer and we will enjoy more fun in the future after we install it on the internet. Do what you tell you to do on your computer ,or else you will cause some unnecessary problems to your computer.Firstly ,you should create your own website if you do not have one already on your computer. You do not need to spend money on this because it is could be found freely on the internet.       nopicture-4240774



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