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Doane Paper Fountain Pen Test

Sample of various fountain pens, and fountain pen inks on Doane Paper.

Over on The Fountain Pen Network I posted something about Doane Paper, and someone was asking how fountain pen friendly the paper was, so I told them I would do some quick writing samples and tests of my fountain pens on it.  The above photo shows a mix of the different fountain pens and fountain pen inks on the Large DoanePaper Writing Pad.  The pen and inks used are as follows:

  • Platinum Preppy with Blue Black Ink
  • Lamy Safari with Noodler’s Tiananmen ink, EF nib
  • Pelikan M205 with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black Ink, F nib
  • Lamy Studio with Private Reserve Black Velvet, EF nib
  • Pelikan M215 Private Reserve Black Velvet, F nib
  • Pelikan M215 with Noodler’s Luxury Blue, F nib
  • Lamy Studio with J. Herbin Vert Empire, EF nib
  • Lamy Safari with J. Herbin Orange Indien, EF nib

If you look at the larger picture you can clearly see that there is virtually no feathering at all with any of the fountain pens or inks on the Doane Paper.  The next thing to look at is the drying time of the various fountain pen inks on this paper.  You can see that majority of the inks dont dry instantly on the Doane Paper, but there are a few inks that seem to do significantly better than the others, especially the J. Herbin inks, and the Noodlers Luxury Blue.  Personally I dont really think that any of the inks are bad on thedoane  paper in terms of drying time, because I dont usually try to smudge what I’ve just written.  If you write with your left hand though, this might be an issue.

Bleedthrough with fountain pen ink on Doane Paper…but does it matter?

I know that often people are concerned with bleed through on fountain paper, but on the Doane Paper Writing Pad, because of its unique design, Im not sure that it even matters because I assume that most people dont use the back of these.  I did look at a few writing samples that I had done in one of the Doane Paper utility notebooks which have the design on the back of the paper as well, and there was absolutely NO bleed through with the few samples I did there.

Hope this was helpful, but if you have any other questions or requests regarding any pens on the Doane Paper feel free to leave a comment and I would be happy to try and answer.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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