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Doane Paper Moon Camera Idea Journal


As a way to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Doane Paper released a new version of their popular Idea Journal.  This black cover version also has a unique paper ruling on the inside.  I picked up this version of the Doane Paper Moon Camera Idea Journal from JetPens (find it here) as part of their sponsorship arrangement here for the website.


Inside of that impressively thick (80 point) black chip board cover that is incredibly sturdy, you will find paper thats pretty much the opposite of what you would normally expect from Doane Paper.  Instead of the lines and grids format, its a sparsely ruled with small plus signs floating on a white background and separated by one inch in each direction.  The concept of this version of their Ideal Journal was thought up as a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Doane Paper making great notebooks.

Doane Paper Moon Camera Ideal Journal Writing Sample:


In my writing sample on the Doane Paper Moon Camera paper I took a little bit of time trying to get used to the layout of the small plus marks.  As someone who has always struggled with lining things up properly on a purely visual basis, it was definitely a bit of strain for me to feel like I was writing in a straight line across this paper.  This might be OK for many others, and maybe sketching and drawing is better suited for this paper.  I found that just about every pen or pencil I used on the paper wrote smoothly and that the paper held the ink well with no issues in terms of spreading or feathering to any noticeable degree.  I’ve also been quite fond of the pencil eraser test lately after having some paper rip on me when I was erasing some heavier pencil marks.  In the case of the Doane Paper Moon Camera paper, it held its own against even heavy erasing and didn’t deteriorate at all.  My only real beef with the paper is that in my case with a wider nib fountain pen and darker ink it does show through to the other side very easily.  This wasn’t an issue though with the Uniball Jetstream, Signo UM-151, Sharpie Pen, or Uniball Kuru Toga.  This one is definitely worth a shot if you think the page ruling will work out for you, Doane Paper wont let you down when it comes to the quality consturction and performance of this new Idea Journal.  Again, you can find it here at JetPens.

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