Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed Hair


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Dogs
Published on 11-16-2009

The quest for a dog breed that doesn’t shed hair is impossible to fulfill. All dogs shed some hair, just like all mammals do. What a person can do is find a dog breed that sheds very little hair or naturally mats loose hair up in its coat. Remarkably a great many breeds of dogs that don’t really shed hair actually have long and wavy coats. Breeds such as the bichon frise or the Yorkshire terrier do not drop hair routinely but do require a fair bit of maintenance and brushing to remove what has fallen loose and caught in the remaining hair.

The Standard Poodle is a very popular non-shedding breed. Often poodle owners will trim the fur so that brushing and grooming can be an even easier task. The Havanese is a very playful and affectionate dog. As well as being eager to please, a couple of brushings a week will prevent loose hair from matting their outer fur and will help keep your house hair-free.

The Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier is another candidate for the most kid friendly dog that doesn’t shed hair. The Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier does require a bit more maintenance to keep its coat tangle-free. At least one bath and trim a month is needed and brushing every other day is strongly suggested.

The Puli has a coat that naturally dreadlocks as it grows. When the Puli is in its late puppyhood, you need to separate and cord the growing strands of hair. Once the cords are established, loose hair will be retained in the hair mass. The greatest problem with keeping the Puli clean is to keep off dirt and leaves that may mat the cords together. When you do bathe your Puli you must be very sure that the cords are completely dry to prevent mildew from growing in the fur.

The fur on a Portuguese Water Dog rather than cording up, grows in rather tight curls. It is usually best to trim a Water Dog every other month or so and add brushings every other day to keep the coat free of loose hair. The Airedale Terrier also grows its fur in tight ringlets. To keep the fur smooth and avoid matting, a good brushing is a daily necessity.

Not all dog breeds that don’t shed hair are longhaired. There are many good shorthaired breeds that do not shed noticeably. The Basenji is a medium sized dog which has a very short, easily maintained coat. The Basenji only needs a brushing about once a week. They are also very quiet, as they do not bark as other dogs do.

The fine coat of a Labrador Retriever makes this another of the popular non-shedding or low shedding varieties to choose from. Loyal and affectionate, the Labrador only needs a once a week brushing to remove any loose hair that is clinging to its fur.

Regardless of whether you avoid shedding dogs because of hair and dandruff allergies or just don’t want to be covered in dog hair, there are many fine dog breeds that will help keep you as hair-free as it is possible with a pet dog.


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