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Don't Sacrifice Your Relations To Write Your Novel

  • By Winston Kuwada
  • Published 12/20/2011
  • Writing

Writing a novel is a serious project. If you’ve already started or are planning to start, then congratulations. You’ve done what many people only dream of doing. You’ve shown that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in the area of novel writing. However, writing a novel doesn’t come without certain costs and expectations. Many people find that your relationships with your friends and family can suffer if you aren’t careful. In this article you’ll learn how to keep that from happening. First of all, you should actively keep your relationships important. That means scheduling time with your family. This may sound like an odd thing to do, since you live with them and everything, but plan a date with them at least once a week to do something fun. It doesn’t matter what it is, just so you put time aside to spend with them once a week. A great way to spend time with them is to get outside of the house and go somewhere. Take them to an amusement park or a special restaurant. If the weather’s nice, you can have a picnic. Even just a long, leisurely drive through the country can be a helpful activity.

Another way to keep your family relationships strong would be to buy them an present from time to time. Make sure it’s u

nexpected and surprise. Present it to them at the table as a “thank you” for supporting you and your goals. They will appreciate it, and you will appreciate them all the more. Include them in your goals. That way you can celebrate with them, and they with you, whenever you meet your medium term and long term goals. Let them know what your goals are, so they understand when you finish them. For example, when you finish doing all your character sketches, they will know how important it is, and they will be truly happy for you. When you meet a serious goal, like finishing your first manuscript, this would be a great time to take a vacation together. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or go anywhere fancy. An overnight road trip would be perfect. If you want to really involve your family, give them something to do to help. Of course, since writing a novel is something that requires a lot of individual attention, you can get them to do things like proof read and similar tasks. That way it will keep them involved, and it will give them first hand experience of what you are doing.

So you see, spending hours a day hidden away in the basement writing your master piece doesn’t really require that you forget about your family. And when you use the methods in this article, you’ll be able to include everybody.



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