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Doodle by Stitch Duvet Notebook Pattern Washable Ink


This Write-on and Wash-off Notebook Pattern Duvet Cover is pretty awesome and is made by a company called Doodle by Stitch.  We tend to not write about products that we have not reviewed, but in this case I really don’t ever plan on buying this product because I just couldn’t use it.  I did however want to share here because it looked so cool and I was pretty sure that some of our office supply geek readers might want to take a look at this for some of their kids.


The Doodle by Stitch duvet cover and pillow case come with washable fabric markers that allow you to write all over both items and simply wash your writing out then do it all over again.  The package of washable fabric markers come with  Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red and Purple markers for your doodling pleasure.  The  Write-on and Wash-off Notebook Pattern Duvet Cover is certainly worth a try if you have kids or are a kid yourself and love office supplies.  This would probably make a great gift, although you don’t want to encourage the kids to write on thinks without them understanding that this is the only thing that can be washed clean of their doodling.

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