Dorm Room Design Ideas

When thinking about the design of a college dorm room, first take into account whether the school has any rules regarding design elements, then whether there are any roommates whose ideas need to be considered. Many schools stipulate how students’ favorite objects can be attached to the wall or if it is acceptable to put up draperies and other items requiring hardware. Often, since the dorm room is temporary housing, posters and artwork may only be put on the wall using temporary glue-like adhesives rather than push pins or thumbtacks. Some dorms also dictate whether miniature refrigerators or other small appliances may be used in the room, and some students use the top of the refrigerator as a table to hold other items. In accounting for each roommate’s wishes, it may not be possible to completely match or co-ordinate all colors, but the stay will be made more pleasant for all if common items like telephones, can be brought that satisfy all of the people sharing the room. When there are roommates, one must also consider whether or not the other people sharing the room could be allergic to potted plants or anything else one is considering adding to the room’s décor.

Once these things have been taken care of, the design of the room is up to the individual student. Many touches from home, such as favorite posters, works of art, or even potted plants, can help brighten his or her day after classes. Depending on the person, the walls may be decorated with images of a favorite sport, famous artist or hobby. Some take great pride in making sure their personality comes through in the choosing and display of the art on the walls.

Often, students also bring bookshelves and other pieces of furniture to fit the room. Some, who live in single rooms, move the beds together to create more sleeping space by having a bed resembling the one at home. The arrangement of the furniture varies widely depending on the amount of space in the room and how the student feels things would be most functional. Many times, beds are up along walls or facing the foot of the bed toward the center of the room, while desks and bookshelves generally are placed near each other for ease of access to computers and research material. Those who enjoy and study music generally bring along any instruments they play, proudly integrating these into the decorative design of the room as another element in addition to keeping the instruments ready to be played at any time. Others prefer to express themselves through the integration of their favorite colors or decorative patterns into the choosing of linens, bedspreads, and curtains for their rooms, while those who have no plan to be in the room very often may opt to leave the walls bare and keep only the essential supplies handy. Many students also ask close friends for advice when they are not sure how to design a dorm room.


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