DO’s and DON’Ts After A Delivery

You’ve had your little one, but life is no cakewalk. Not as yet! You are going to be bombarded with a lot of dos and don’ts. People all around will be telling you what you should do and what you shouldn’t. And an exhausted YOU after the delivery will feel totally confused! You needn’t worry and get tensed up. Here are all the possible dos and don’ts that will spring up on you and how to deal with them effectively:

Myths Related to Mom:

1. Keep your head covered for 7-10 days

It is said that after the delivery the head should be covered with a warm scarf or shawl to protect it from the cold and wind. Your mom-in-law might also ask you to avoid the air conditioning as it can give rise to muscular and joint aches and pains. However, if you have had a summer baby then All the Best!

2. No cold drinks; only water boiled in cumin

Anything and everything cold is going to be a big NO. Aerated drinks are a special no and so are all packed juices. Your mom-in-law will definitely advise to limit yourself to water boiled in cumin because it is said that this water helps clear up your stomach. However, the doctors today believe that there is no harm in drinking cold drinks, albeit in moderation.

3. Tie your stomach with a belt or a cloth

Many people believe that if you keep your stomach tied with a belt or any cloth then your stomach will not sag. Also you will not land up with a big belly. So if you would like to try your luck then just go ahead, but remember to talk to your doctor about exercising after delivery.

4. Don’t keep your hands in water for too long

You will definitely be told not to keep your hands in water for too long and sometimes not even take a bath for the first 2-3 days! It is believed that you will otherwise land up with lifelong aches and pains. Remember whatever you do or don’t do just keep your hygiene in mind.

5. No watching TV and reading

Watching T.V and reading are two things you are advised against as it is believed it puts a lot of strain on your eyes. Something that you can definitely do without.
Though elders will have your interest and welfare in mind, most of these dos and don’ts have no scientific basis to them.

Baby Beliefs:

1. Don’t hand the baby over to the mom

Some doctors believe that the baby should not be handed to the mother immediately after the birth. However, this is very important because the baby needs the warmth of the mother’s body. You should stress on holding your baby as soon as possible and the best position is to put him on your stomach or cradle near the heart.

2. Curtail the number of visitors

No doubt your family and friends are eager to see the baby, but the fact is a new-born is highly prone to infection. You have to be firm and tell the visitors to keep away from the baby without being rude. The social pressure at this time is going to be a lot but remember that you are the only person who can save your child from all kinds of infections.

4. Avoid putting Kajal in an infant’s eye

This should be absolutely avoided as it could cause eye infections and may expose the baby to problems like a bruised eye. It has been proved that application of kajal may lead to complications later in life.

5. Don’t give water

You are advised by the doctors not to give water to the baby because 90 per cent of mother’s milk is water. Besides, there are chances of catching water borne infections. However, if you would like to give water to your baby just make sure that the water is properly filtered and boiled.

Old habits die hard and it might seem difficult to break or even question age old practices and conventions. However, do not encourage these at the expense of your little one.


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