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Dos and Don’ts When Choosing Photo Frames

When you plan the décor of your home or office, you need to focus on every detail. Choosing every single item requires careful consideration of the right factors. It is, therefore, necessary that you keep in mind certain dos and don’ts when buying photo frames for your home or office.  

Do keep the wall colours in mind. The colour of the frames and the walls need to contrast or coordinate. If they clash, the beauty of the display would be spoilt. A black frame may be used on a pale pink wall; however, it would not look good against a navy blue wall.

Do match the frame with the mat. A colour mat looks good with a neutral frame. When you choose a colour mat, choose a colour that is present in the picture but in moderate amounts. You may also choose double mats for your pictures.

Do play with textures to bring out the right effect. Textured paper mats with wooden photo frames or textured silk mats with lacquer photo frames is sure to engage the attention of onlookers immediately.  

Do keep in mind the mood and style of the picture. A gilded metal frame would be an inappropriate choice to encase the artwork of your toddler. Make sure the content, style and mood of the picture is suitable for the frame.  

Do set up a budget. Before you decide to buy any particular frame, make sure you have a fixed a budget for this. You may be able to find good quality frames at affordable rates from online shops.

Do choose the right glass. While regular glass works well for most photographs, you may have to opt for non-glare glass if the area, where you want to place the frame, receives ample natural light.

Don’t overdo with the adornment on the frame. Too much of anything would spoil the display. If you choose a richly coloured and textured photograph, a neutral frame would be a good choice. However, an ornate frame with a detailed artwork may be a bit too much. 

Don’t clutter up the space with too many photos. While it is natural for you to display all your precious photographs, it may not be a good option in a small room. However, you may choose multi photo frames to display a number of pictures.

Don’t match frames with furniture colour. If you do this, the frame would be lost in the décor. A complimentary or contrasting colour may do well. For example, a handcrafted wooden frame may look nice in a rustic looking living room.

Don’t miss to pay attention to the place you need to put the frame in. While a cluster of small metal frames arranged in a pattern may look nice in a spacious modern style living room, it would be a misfit in a cramped traditional themed living room.

Different styles and designs of photo frames are available from different stores. All you need to do is understand your requirements and fix your budget before you start browsing through the products. Make sure you pay attention to the right details about the product before you choose it for your home or office.

Author Bio

Chloe Evans is the editor of a home décor magazine. She offers tips and suggestions for individuals looking for single or multi photo frames for their home or office.


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