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Down jacket do not show fat and bloat

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 01/7/2013

Winter, you are sure hands a cotton-padded jacket. A thick cotton-padded jacket is always let people get warm, but there are a lot of girls very worry about it, how to match to look at not bloated? Today our wholesale china clothing online shop offers all kinds of cotton coat in there, and we will teach you to dress in a right and fashion way, now you can come here: koreanjapanclothing.com.

The light color fastens waist medium style cotton-padded jacket coat, waist draw string design cultivate one’s morality show thin, wear a not bloated visual feeling, inside take the sweater in light gray backing pants, white shoes, comfortable warm, modern look.

Blue cotton-padded jacket, sweet lovely colour, filled with the smell of what a girl wants, plush hooded style, warm thick, wear IN the body are not afraid of cold wind blow it with black tights, snow boots, winter IN the match.

White wool hooded cotton-padded jacket, brief paragraph version, simple atmosphere, fashionable and pure and fresh, quietly elegant color appearing in the mature elegant temperament, tie-in sweater wear tight pants and white boots, wear a perfect figure.

The waist cotton-padded jacket, exaggerated leopard grain design plush collar and cuffs design, special delicate atmosphere, wore the sweet and pure and fresh, inside take sweater down wear shorts mix render pants, high help shoes, very good-looking.

Black stripes are medium style down jacket, it is the design of big this year heat, stripe pressure mark design, wear a slender frame of visual feeling, inside take BaiSeWei clothes wear black leggings, tie-in black short boots, a field.

Bright yellow coats, collar collar, warm good-looking, not afraid of cold wind blow. The waist bowknot draw string design, melting and show thin, tie-in knickers and render pants, snow boots, lovely sweet.

Green cultivate one’s morality grows down jacket, delicate feeling stripe design, give a person the feeling of show thin, green has a special the awaken of spring is full of vitality feeling, choose shorts and panty hose boot to match, wear a perfect figure.

The red brief paragraph down jacket, very lovely exquisite version, put on special small sweet, choose light gray cotton pants and the cylinder boots to match, leisure and easy.

Hooded plush black grow down jacket, the waist belt is adornment design. If you wear the point dress inside, you must very sweet and cute. Now you should come our wholesale shoes china shop to choose the down coat in your winter.


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