Download iPod TV Shows Safely and Cheaply

Would you like to watch your favorite television show on your iPod while commuting to work? There are many services out there that allow you to download television programs for your iPod.

Free and Risky

Many would be interested to know if there are free services out there that allow you to download your favourite television programs for your iPod. Searching the Net, you’ll surely find some sites that offers free downloads of television programs for your iPod.

It’s strongly advisable to stay away from such sites. There’s no guarantee that these sites are safe.
You may end up with malware or adware in your computer. A virus may also seep into your iPod through your downloaded files.

Another attraction is P2P downloads. Here, too, you risk exposing your computer and iPod to malware and other threats. To safeguard your computer and iPod, check out legitimate sites that offer downloads of television programs.

Safe and Unlimited Downloads

These sites usually charge a small fee, anything from $0.99 to $1.99 per download. They offer trouble-free downloads which would not harm your computer or your iPod. Signing up for such a site would ensure that you don’t run foul of the law for copyright infringement.

Well, you may think that $1.99 per download is a little steep. Yes, you can’t be paying $1.99 per download, especially if you have numerous television programs to download. The ideal solution would be to sign up at sites that offer unlimited downloads for a one-time fee. There are also sites that offer unlimited downloads for a low monthly fee. Let’s look at two such sites.

1. Unlimited Download Center

This site offers music, movies and games. All you have to do is sign up for a low monthly fee and you could enjoy unlimited downloads while your membership is still active. The site claims to have 15 billion multimedia files. With such a huge bank, you would have no trouble locating your favorite television programs. You are promised a fast download speed and guaranteed that there will be no spyware or adware.

Apart from television programs, you can also download movies in the action, suspense, romance and science fiction genres, among others. Additionally, you could also burn to disc the movies or television programs you download.

2. Internet Downloads

This site has 8,996,613 movies and television programs available for download to members. Among the television programs covered are CSI Miami, Law & Order and Oprah’s Big Give. Files are regularly updated which means you can, more often than not, find the latest titles.

Even Mac and Linux users can sign up for the service which is certified 100% adware and spyware free. Lifetime Access Membership is offered at only $39.95. Isn’t this an attractive offer for unlimited movie, MP3, games and ringtone downloads?


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