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Drawstring Backpack and Pi Ruler More Office Supply Innovation

Ruler X1 – Plus the first 4 billion digits of Pi

We tend to get lots of requests to share peoples crowd sourced office supplies from Quirky, Kickstarter, and other places here at .  Personally I enjoy helping out those with a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit.  With that in mind, I’ve got two items to share with you today.  One is an over engineered Pi ruler and the other is a drawstring backpack.

Before I saw this drawstring backpack on Kickstarter, I always thought that these were just cheap kids novelty items that at best were more for promotional purposes rather than actual practical use.  The drawstring backpack by mochibags totally reversed my closed minded thoughts on this type of product.  The mochibag drawstring backpack tightens up (see what I did there?) the sloppy construction and quality that you usually find with cheaper products like this.  The mochibag version of this simple drawstring backpack offers the following improved features:

-Shoulder straps that never get uneven or unbalanced as they do on other similar bags. -Handles added to top of back for easy opening. -Added zipper pocket for storage and easy access to small items.

-External D ring to attach other items.


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