DreamHost Web Hosting Review

The company was established by the Computer Science Undergraduates of California in the year 1997. DreamHost has ultimately grown up to be one of the stalwarts in the web hosting business. They have a staff working full time 50 in number with over 500000 hosted domains. This growth has not gone over their heads and they are equally caring about their customers till date. Their amiable attitude is reflected in the company blog and the monthly newsletter.

While they host the 500,000 domains, it requires some outstanding hardware with multiple CPU servers running the Debian Linux. There is a UPS system at the data centre with back up generator and gigabit connections to the internet.

Plan Features and Pricing

DreamHost presently offers 4 different plans for web hosting at varied pricing. The basic difference between these plans lies in bandwidth quotas and disk space. The level 1 plan is more popular for most of the websites.

The level 1 plan of DreamHost is of 200 GB disk space with monthly bandwidth of 2000 GB. This would cost you only $5.80 in a month when you host for the first year. This happens with the price slash.

The space and bandwidth provided by DreamHost make you stay longer with DreamHost. DreamHost provides the following features in the level 1 plan and here are some of them. 200 GB storage space that increases by 1 GB per week, 2000 GB of data transfer monthly, unlimited sub domains, the facility to host unlimited domain under a account. There is also the free WHOIS included privacy, email filtering, MySQL features, supports rails scripting, CGI, Python, Perl, PHP5, PHP4 and many others including money back guarantee of 97 days. DreamHost provides a custom admin panel which presents admirable functionality.

DreamHost also supplies an FTP client that is web based although any other FTP can be used. .

Scripting Support

DreamHost supports all types of scripting languages including Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, CGI, PHP5, PHP4. DreamHost also provide SSH and Telnet access on all accounts. The admin panel brings the install option through one click with various types of scripts MediaWiki, Gallery2, phpBB, Joomla, and WordPress.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided for the Level 1 plan through support tickets which can be accessed via the admin panel. These tickets are answered quite fast within a time span of 12 hours while some query that takes some time to reply would take 36 hours. DreamHost has a caring support staff.


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