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Dreamlike christmas gifts sharp sh6320c flip phone

  • By tanmus willson
  • Published 02/22/2011
  • Article Writing

Every Christmas Day, boyfriends always rack their brains to give a  surprise to their girlfriends. 99 roses, heart-shaped necklaces, lovely  dolls were once their main choices. But with the development of the  times, digital products become gifts. And for fashionable girls, Sharp  mobile phones have been their hands favorite. And for boys, you can give  your girlfriend no more than fashion in this Christmas Day because of  Sharp SH6320C flip phone.    Magnificent LED shining effect   Sharp SH6320C is adopted transparent crystal texture senior mirror design and unique LED illumination technology. More than 100 LED lamps are embedded on the transparent panel. Through 7 built-in patterns of the lighting model it can present shining effect of the sky.    When  the phone is closed, long press profile special keys, lateral LED lamps  show colorful lights. 9 built-in lighting models can meet the most of  needs of users. In addition, with animation displaying function of the  LED information lamps in the front panel, it shows the time. In the  meantime, the phone can appear lively character pattern to remind you  when you are receiving messages. Using this phone in dim environment,  its dazzle beautiful shimmering lights will definitely make fashionable  you become the focus of the attention.    Clear and vivid image   Its  display screen is adopted Japan original LCD panel of 2.9 inches tall  and fine WQVGA which presents magic clear realistic image and gives you  an unparalleled visual impact. Meanwhile, a built-in camera of 8 million  pixels can help you to capture the beautiful moment more quickly and  clearly with its smile recognizing function and anti-vibration.   Rich entertainment experiences   Besides  the above-mentioned highlights, its powerful media function including  flash player, comic reader, SMS text and other new expression make  entertainment greatly enhanced. In addition, the intimate “Peep  perspective preventing” function can ensure the users and only  themselves see the content on the phone which make users’ privacy fully  protected.   Sharp SH6320C can both create shining effect of sky and capture vivid pictures. So don’t hesitate to choose this romantic gift.

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by tanmus willson



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