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Dress code dress for success

  • By BrianMHooks Hooks
  • Published 01/5/2011
  • Screenplay

According to my own personal experience, dress code is about dressing properly instead of being as attractive as you can at any time.   Why dressing properly? The reason is simple—— for different purposes in different situations. If you’re going to an interview, the way you dress matters a lot. Formal suit is the only choice, but be careful with the colour! For both male and female, dark blue and black is best, showing your reliability, honest, composure and intelligence, which no doubt adds to your personal charm. Ladies should be careful not to wear heavy make-up or over dress yourself with too much ornaments. p1:Best p2: Too fashionable If you are going to friends’ party, dating with your boyfriend, going to school, take sense of comfort into first consideration. This was the principle Coco Chanel followed when she was starting her Chanel empire by designing clothes for women on her own. How can you put on clothes that make you suffer? Attractiveness should never be in conflict with comfort! Keep it in mind. Chanel’s comfortable, simple design——Comfort, Beauty hand in hand! Then if you have no idea about what clothes suit you best, consult to fashion magazines, for there are mountains of advices on dressing. Never judge clothes when they are in shop windows, not until you really put them on, for you never know how it suits you. Just try them on, unless you’re confident enough with yourself to even do shopping online. Additionally, you’re free to change your look according to your mood. Try different styles and it makes you more colourful. Angelababy from HK So, dress to success is to choose the suitable dressing for different occasion. A good impression on others is that you know how to dress yourself up for whatever you do, wherever you go!  


by BrianMHooks Hooks



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