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Dry Erase Notebook the NUboard Review

Dry Erase Notebook Cover NUboard

I picked up this great looking NUboard Dry Erase Notebook from Jetpens early last year and just never got around to reviewing it because I thought I was going to have more need for it than I really did.  In the foreground you also see a set of Staedtler Fine Point Dry Erase Markers that we reviewed previously and picked up over at Amazon.


NUboard Dry Erase Notebook Inside

The NUboard Dry Erase Notebook measures 8.8 inches by 11.9 inches and has a cardboard cover with dual coil wire binding holding all together.  There is also a thin elastic closure strap that wraps around the lower right hand corner and is secured to the back cover by two metal rivets. Inside you will find two double sided dry erase whiteboard pages and on each side of those there is one clear vinyl sheet that is also writable, and just to be clear there are for of these clear sheets.  Basically one on each side of each white page.


NUboard Clear Sheets

Above are two of the four clear sheets that are found on each side of the actual dry erase notebook pages.  As you can see from the photo, the clear sheets are fairly floppy and flexible as compared to the dry erase notebook pages which are much more rigid.

Dry Erase Notebook NUboard writing sample

Writing on the surface of the dry erase notebook pages in the NUboard notebook went just as smoothly as possible while using the previously mentioned Staedtler Fine Point Dry Erase Markers from Amazon.  I think these particular markers are essential for the NUboard dry erase notebook because larger tipped markers meant for larger surfaces wont let you write as small as needed in order to get a reasonable amount of information on one page. The blue and green text that you see written in the sample above is written directly on the dry erase notebook pages, and the red arrows and measurements you see on the horizontal and vertical edges was written on the clear sheets which are laid over the whiteboard pages.

Dry erase notebook NUboard Large

Above is a closer look at the clear sheet with the package of markers between it and the dry erase notebook page just to give a more visual representation of how this works.  This layout is great because it will let you create something like a chart and then overlay additional data on it to show differences and changes for a presentation or just for your own way to conceptualize things.


Dry Erase Notebook NUboard

Overall, the NUboard dry erase notebook is a fantastic looking and very practical tool for those of you that need a portable dry erase notebook.  Its sturdy construction, thin profile, and simple looks make it ideal for keeping in the office or in your laptop bag so you can have whiteboard sessions at the drop of a hat.  Check them out over at JetPens as they come in smaller size as well, I really like this product, just wish I had more frequent occasion to use it.

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