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dual sim card iphone 4/dual sim card iphone 412.

  • By panda will
  • Published 09/28/2011

Dual SIM support for iPhone is a well wished feature by iPhone users but Apple still seems absolutely bored with introducing this feature in next generation iPhones. We realize you like to convey more than one (no less than two telephone numbers) C one for official use as the other form of hosting calls. On the market, now numerous mobile sets can be obtained with two SIM slots letting users to use two cell phone numbers for a passing fancy phone, at any given time. As described earlier, iPhone doesnt grab this feature and Apple isn’t anticipated to incorporate double SIM slots in next generation iPhones in not too distant future. Dont mind whatsoever, here is an accessory that brings double SIM option to your iPhone, accordingly. Basically, this Double SIM add- on replaces the native iPhone SIM tray with a long connector thats quite able of connecting to two micro-SIM cards, as you have seen the style given above. After you have completed installation and restart your iPhone, you’d able to see three different options in settings to select; Switch, for switching seamlessly between different phone numbers; Autoswitch, which switches towards the SIM not in use automatically; and Setup, permitting you to to switch between cards in time periods from 0 to 99 minutes, periodically. As currently, neither any iOS nor any iPhone supports dual SIM cards, so you wouldn’t normally put it to use 100 percent just like the phones having dual Sim system, i.e offering both telephone numbers to decide on at dual sim card iphone 4 a time. Using this accessory, just that phone number could be available to make and receive calls that’s linked to the card used. Now you can discover the shocking truth given below to analyze this iPhone Double SIM Card accessory for action; nopicture-8889391



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