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dual sim card iphone 4/dual sim card iphone 43.

  • By panda will
  • Published 09/28/2011

After the tip we posted yesterday of alleged next iPhone internals that showed the A5 markings on the chipset, now a few clearer shots have emerged, which seem to clear up a few things. First, the guts shown now are from a white version of the alleged iPhone 4S, iPhone 4+, or whatever Apple chooses to name its affordable handset which is being developed mainly with Chinese carriers in your mind. A similar white suspect we found long ago in July posted on the Vietnamese forum, and also the source claimed the shell is manufactured out of plastic as opposed to glass to save on costs, but externally it kept resemblance for this fourth generation. The guy also realized that the handset feels way faster than the apple iphone dual sim card iphone 4 4, though, from where we deduced that Apple might skimp on building materials, however, not on internals, and the affordable iPhone will still sport a dual-core A5 chipset, such as the one in the ipad2. Indeed, from the newly leaked pics we have seen the A5 stamp loud and clear, with what looks to become an AT&T card inside the SIM slot. Funny enough, the Sim tray reads Mr. Panda towards the top, the supply of the leaks, and appears to be a SIM unlock service. This makes lots of sense for Apple – it’s going to probably aim this version for emerging markets, plus the difference in production costs between your A5 and A4 chipsets is negligible if we are beyond the chip design phase, nevertheless the dual-core chip allows the cheaper iPhone to perform everything that the greater sophisticated slimmer and lighter 5th generation will. Add in the rumored upgraded 8MP camera that does Full HD 1080p recording, and it will probably sell like fresh rice just in China alone, linking additional millions to the iOS ecosystem, and halting the unstoppable Android march there a minimum of a bit, which can be the greatest goal of the more affordable iPhone. It’s all regulated rumors, leaks and speculations for the present time, but analysts’ prediction that Apple becomes able to announce two new iPhones this coming year might shape up to be true. We have been just wondering where are the leaks with clear shots from the true fifth generation, the so-called iPhone 5 – all we’ve been treated to up to now is a handful of rumors an incident designs. nopicture-4967152



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