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Dumb Things to do with Office Supplies and a Giveaway


A Dentist Using Paper Clips in a Patient??

So this is probably the most disturbing story I’ve ever seen regarding office supplies.  A dentist in Boston actually plead guilty to using paper clips in his patients root canals.  When I first read this today, I actually felt a pain in my jaw and I was horrified…but then it reminded me of a book that I bought that I was going to review.  Since I already have about 6 books that I’m behind on I’ve decided to give away my copy of Who Took All the Paper Clips by Rachel Rifat.


Who Took All the Paper Clips by Rachel Rifat

As the sub-title on the book implies, it is full of fun things to do with office supplies, none of which I’ve actually had a chance to try myself.  It includes projects like a Marilyn Monroe wall mural made of Post-it notes and a voodoo doll of a boss. This giveaway is going to be a bit different than most of our other giveaway, so check out the rules below and enter for a chance to win.

Rules to enter:

1.  Must be a US resident

2. Only one comment/entry per person

3. Entries must be left in the comments section below no later than 11:59 PM on Saturday, January 28th

4. We will be selecting a winner based on whatever we think is the most interesting entry, so maybe the funniest, coolest, most unique, or most horrifying entry will be the winner.  Judges decisions are final.

How to enter and win:

1. In the comments section, tell us about your favorite creative way to use an office supply ~OR~ share a similarly horrifying way (like the dentist example) in which someone has used office supplies.  Sharing a link to a story, video, set of DIY instructions, or picture is a good way to make your story stand out or be more believable and interesting.

2. Not required, but if you share a link to this giveaway somewhere online such as Twitter, Facebook, your own blog, or any other social media outlet and leave a link to where you shared it, that will also get your entry more attention.

3. Check back on Sunday, January 29th for the announcement of the winner of Who Took All the Paper Clips by Rachel Rifat.

Please leave only one comment that combines your story and evidence, as well as a link that qualifies for #2 above.

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