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Dymo LM160

When I was doing my research on potential sales and deals I came across this Dymo LM160 label maker (via Amazon) at a bargain price of $9.99 compared to the regular price of $39.99.  Oddly enough though over the last few days I’ve watched the price on this bounce back and forth between $9.99 and $18.60 several times.

Besides being super cheap if you can snag it for the sometimes when Amazon feels like it price of $9.99, it also has some pretty nice features at that price point indluding:

  • Preview before printing with large LCD display
  • 6 font sizes, 8 text styles, 4 boxes, plus underline
  • 228 symbols and clip-art images

If you can’t grab it from Amazon, Staples also has it with some discounts to bring it down to the same $9.99 price point.  Not sure if Staples is being as neurotic about changing the price but its worth checking out.  This is a great deal for someone that doesn’t do a ton of labeling because its probably good to have one of these on hand just in case.

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