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Each takes what he needs stylish with faux fur

Chanel is always regarded as the fantasy furs on the show stages. Karl Lagerfeld explained: “I do not like them as fake fur, it sounds a little contempt. In fact this quarter we have adopted advanced technology to create custom garments. Whatever its color, texture, warmth and waterproof effect level are all not less significant compared to fur animals. If we have to name them, I hope they are called FUR. “

As what Lagerfeld outlined, artificial fur using on the luxury brands in the season are not cheap, they are all in the purpose to pursue similar effect of real fur. Their costs are comparable to real fur. Each fashion house is calling for more stringent requirements in the craftsmanship and the raw materials. These furs not only meet today’s growing environmental needs, but also solve problems of the real fur such as the requiring of temperature control, humidity control, maintenance, and many other difficulties. So, Chan

el’s snowman outfits make artificial fur be the most fashionable element in this season overnight. They are even spreading in a large number use – such as the bears-like artificial fur boots, double C logo faux fur bag, coats which have thick man-made fur in the cuffs… designer combined the tweed with faux fur, creating a luxury style in the field of ice and snow.There were designers who steadfastly support for environmental protection and resist using the false as true such as Stella McCartney in the past years, and now here is the trend of creating fashion using the cheap fabric. However, though artificial fur has risen with the chemical synthesis technology since the last century, this season is its first emergence to the fashion world. Faux fur is a fabric of absolute democracy. Luxury-loved consumers can choose the high prices, while the beauty-loved civilians can choose the various kinds of cheap fashion items of major brands. Each takes what he needs. Why not go ahead with it?



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